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  1. Really looking forward to it now. New seat this season in the Main Stand Front.
  2. Looking for 3 or 4 tickets for today's game, can meet in Dumfries. Cash waiting
  3. Good Morning Bears, Looking for 3 tickets for queens away on Sunday. Preferably the terracing however I know i'm not in a position to be picky.
  4. Tremendous effort once again Bears, over to you and your players now Mr Warburton - Send us home happy.
  5. I am fevered up already. Think we'll have more than enough to win the game and would like to think we will settle better than we did at Easter Road. Would love us to win by a few and lay a marker down.
  6. Maxi, maxi rodriquez runs down the wing for you.. Dododododod to the heartbeat theme... Scott its kevin phillips
  7. I do like that Maxi song... Naismith version anyone??
  8. I think the work rate of jellavic (and beattie) will make so many chances for him, i think he'l be aiming for 30 now.... Keep it up
  9. I heard today that yeah single tickets will be available for Valencia. Can't guarantee obviously but that's what I heard... Kinda like it, the fuller the better as far as I'm concerned.
  10. I LOVE JELLYFISH!!!!!!!! :jelavic: :jelavic: :jelavic: :jelavic: :jelavic:
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