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  1. U again ya wee dick.I will go toe 2 toe with you anytime ya wee banger
  2. Black folk and tims.the people that love to be offended
  3. He's just as bad as a tim looking for any excuse to blame the officials.he isn't as good as he would like to believe
  4. goram did great things like that hated the tims with a passion players these days are to pally
  5. anybody that puts mcgregor first must not have been there to see just how good goram was.truly worldclass.then its klos another great keeper who like goram has proved it on the world stage
  6. thank fuck av not seen any f****n like dress code mentioned ie the shelik tap tucked into the jeans wae a pair of shoes on. and a big cheap belt that anne marie nicked when she wiz in santa ponsa. taigs just love tucking there shelik tap into there jeans
  7. Fleck will go back to his usual pish self next week.
  8. Is webster no injured yet useless cunt
  9. Would be a good loan signing.can we get him
  10. No once u go down that road all it says is ally can't handle the job on his own
  11. If healys to go there's plenty of others that can go with him.make a thread about some foreign prick that disnae give a fuck
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