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  1. this is different than Ibrox was actually now that I think of it because Ibrox had different colours by section and not random...never mind. disregard
  2. Not that this is an issue now but I know in North America, they would make seats all different colours to mask low attendance figures. Its harder to tell if anyone is in the seat. I googled this and found that in N America"Copps Coliseum in Hamilton have different colours seats in no particular pattern to give the illusion of a capacity arena when it's less than full?
  3. sorry. so what im saying is we need strong leadership here to stand up to everyone who is trying to erode our traditions because it doesn't fit their political agenda. And, evertone seems soo pissed off at us because we took them to the cleaners for so long and they feel that now is their chance to truly get a dig in. ENOUGH
  4. Just hearing news about this Bull Shit investigation into "sectarian" singing at the game yesterday and it is making my blood boil. I know Im far away in Canada and maybe don't get the full perspective but please help me understand this: C#$tic can sing "go home ya h***" and "Orange Bastards " to us and yet we get investigated for singing songs that have been part of our history for over 100 years. If THEY can fall back on the insane excuse that they are going back to their Oirish roots then why can we not say we are just celebrating our Protestant roots? seems a double standard no? Maybe this
  5. Was just looking at the standard of what we have to rise to and Im not nearly as worried as I once was. THEY are pretty shite and I dont think it will take much more than adding a few good players to have a similar talent level as most in the PL.Feeling very confident that the manager when given a budget will buy what is needed to challenge and win straight away Thoughts?
  6. no, the SPFL produces crap football. Especially when forced to play from November to February
  7. 113,900 Michigan Vs Notre Dame 2013. Blue beat the catholics 41-30
  8. We have come through the darkest time in our club's history where everyone has had a kick at us and we had to stand there, defenceless, and take it time after time. Then we start from scratch at the very bottom and build our way back up. All the news is positive and then we get this bull shit EBT thing raise its head against us yet again. It makes me just want to get as far away from Scottish Football and give them the finger. I know I live in Canada and may not have a right to claim this but what is the big deal in saying F you to this shower of incompetent, bitter group of idiots who run thi
  9. Just wanted to post this pic of Fernando when Rangers came to Toronto after winning Helicopter Sunday title. I was able to get onto the pitch. What a day this was and a beauty pic of Fernando. God bless him
  10. exactly. Thats why I started the thread
  11. juat called them the best supporters in the world and he waS TWITTERING WITH THEM BEFORE THE GAME AND THEY WERE SURE THEY WOULD GET a result today. ass
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