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  1. Wright ? Gazza wouldn't get a chance on this forum
  2. Bygones be bygones Happy Birthday
  3. Protestant Supremacist was a term some other lunatic used and I lampooned it. Protestantism isn't a religion or a cult.
  4. Too elaborate a hoax for them I think. The bastards would have crayoned "anti-irish catholic" slurs and other such fantasies across the bus, I'm afraid this ones on us. Disappointing.
  5. What a travesty. The union bears, vandalizing an opponents bus for the sheer fuck of it.. like a form of self harm when we are in the middle of a war
  6. Never once did I claim that the Founding Fathers mentioned religion. I don't have a wild belief that there is a constitution somewhere identifying Rangers as Protestant. But I do believe we have a faith-based upbringing. Not religious - Protestant.
  7. The English were one of the first to tell the First Vatican to fuck off. But yes there are forms of quasi-catholic schisms in England who failed Latin but dress the same.
  8. These SNP voters, the "intellectuals" in our midst who are so sophisticated they end up voting for paedophiles and admonishing them; with their firm belief that if only they could get the uneducated, ignorant masses (Protestants who built, fought for and defended the scheme) to see the light then we would have freedom. I truly believe the SNP mean us harm, they hate England for the same reason Mel Gibson hates England. No fear of Rome
  9. I haven't done the Founders Trail. Yet. Does it contradict my point ? I'd love to know why ?
  10. Then stick to spraypainting the men's dorms and psych ward walls instead of embarrassing our institution.
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