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  1. Heartbreaking..

  2. Crafty. Very crafty. If only we were the brains behind this JML train.

  3. I used to like you..

  4. Sounds dangerous. I'd better get my JML stab proof vest.

  5. As a British businessman. I like to know where my chemical money is going. And with JML it's going right back into the British economy!

    I could be their spokesperson! Oh the very thought!

  6. Thats fine.. I;m on your list of people who can fuck off..?? your days are numbered Cat beast!

  7. From what I hear on the grapevine they're dabbling in the bio weapons market.

    Exciting times!

  8. With the speed that JML and betterware dish out these new fangled contraptions we won't even have a cutlery drawer anymore. Each person in the household will have 1 turbo-utensil.

    Oh to dream.

  9. Fuck.....

    Kitchening will NEVER be the same.

  10. Still alive i see.... sake!


  12. I need to calm down! Sometimes when I go out on the piss I'll have a DOUBLE daiquiri with whipped cream! =


  14. watch your step...

  15. How can ye swap seats wi yerself...?? moron

  16. a Thank you...?? a fuckin thank you...?? i lost all they cloned credit cards cos of your clumsiness YA PIE

  17. Your uncle agnes is a dick.. He's probly fucked the online booking and we will have problems at the airport..! and damn tootin we will be goin seperate ways when we land.. Jst dont foget to sort me out with my spending money RIGHT

  18. Why have i to check the prices..?? Money is no object to you..! just get it booked OK..!

  19. aye calm doon Dave! grab your passport and your bikini then.. !!

  20. isle of dogs indeed..!! FFS Davo.. I'm going to GOYCHLAND for seconds!!!

  21. Hey Davo.. You goin anywhere nice this summer..? They say CATalunia is purrrfect at this time of year..

  22. Back on track. Like a briefly derailed locomotive. FULL STEAM AHEAD ON THE JML TRAIN!

  23. That's more like it! A bit of faith in the 'ole JML!

  24. Aye sometimes they can mis-advertise. They're bastards like that sometimes. I suppose with a company with the magnitude of JML you have to take the bad with the good.

  25. Awright davie, alls good mate. On a mega bow session the day. been no well wi ma hayfever so the weekend satrts here. watp/ftp

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