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  1. I doubt it very much, although would like to see it stop. One thing I would say is that I wouldnt be surprised if Rangers employees, past and present have had their phones hacked especially when you consider the stories which have come out which really should be kept inhouse. I have a hunch that a certain blogger based in a country which shares a land border with the UK has been hacking phones to get his 'stories'. Just a hunch but I would be interested to find out whether the club has taken steps to establish if phones have been hacked into.

    Seeing as absolutely nothing he has ever written about us has been correct, then Id doubt that very, very much.

  2. Seriously? Straight from bridgeton to milingavie? Can anyone verify this?

    You definitely can mate. As the above poster says, theres one from Central about 8.08 so be at Bridgeton for five to seven and you'll get the same one.

    Check Scotrail website if you dont believe anybody :lol:

  3. Get the 8:08 milngavie train from central lower level. Head through the car park and up to the main road turn right and walk to the end of the road then turn right again. Walk till you reach the traffic lights just after the garage and go left at them. Walk down past the hockey and tennis club and you should be there.

    Hope this helps. (tu)

    Ignore my post and do what this guy says :lol:

  4. i'm heading up from dunoon just now, staying over night in bridgeton. Thanks btw

    Can get a train straight from Bridgeton, Id say be at Bridgeton station for 8.20 at latest. Check Scotrail website though for exact times. Once you get to Milngavie its either a 15 minute walk or a quick taxi.

    Pish case.

  5. Why ?

    You haven't said anything else apart from that he does what they do.

    How is that ? Here he poses certain resemblances between a poster on a Celtic forum and a 'journalist', resemblances who to me seem too similar to be coincidence.

    And if that exposes McNally to be a fascist sympathiser of the IRA then that's very good, one scumbag less in the mhedia hopefully.

    This was my point TBH...Im not what you would call a devoted reader of his, far from it...But if it exposes republican filth in the media then Im all for it.

  6. Whatever m8 - people seem to forget sometimes that there is a large section of Rangers support who are Scottish and damn proud to be - the queen can get tae f*** for all I care.

    What on Earth has being Scottish got to do with wanting to urinate in a monarchs beverage and refraining from wiping your genitals on the vessel that contains said beverage?

    You havent really thought this through, have you?

    No, no...Nothing about this adds up at all.

  7. I can't stand all this blog crap. Digging up dirt on each other, most of it being Internet hyperbole. It would be great if it was just about football.

    He is undoubtedly an excellent writer, his years as a columnist and sportswriter confirm that...But I personally find the majority of his blogging tiresome at best.

    I agree with the blog sentiments though, for every one decent writer, theres a hundred self involved sleep inducers churning out uninteresting claptrap and expecting pats on the back.

    Its a saturated market...The majority of Rangers "Bloggers" bore the shit out me.

  8. If he does leave, then it should be with the best wishes of every single Rangers supporter the world over.

    A man that came when we were in a mess, became a steadying influence, captained us to three titles and all the while went about his business with the minimum of fuss. Class personified.

  9. I was looking forward to that,picture the scene.....

    Last old firm game of the season at Ibrox and if we beat the Yahoos we are 1 point away from the Championship,it's poised delicately at 1-1,Rangers down to 10 men after Jelavic was sent off for being too good,Stokes is one on one with McGregor then all of a sudden one of the matchday stewards takes off their hat and jacket,

    It's Gazza!! :ohmy::party:

    He runs on to the park,hits Stokes with a steel chair while Ally McCoist distracts the referee, Rangers break and Kerkar dribbles past every celt*c player before chipping Forster from 30 yards.Jeff Winters points to the centre circle,it's a goal!

    The next old firm match will take place in a steel cage to avoid outside interference.


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