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  1. any highlights of the match?
  2. Looks shit. Has taken them this long to come up with a plain red puma training top, great.
  3. Any highlights of yesterday's game against Watford about?
  4. The team will not be this, however I would go with: Wes Tav Kieran Hill Wallace Halliday Rossiter Holt Waggy McKay Garner Subs: Gilks, Wilson, Hodson, Windass, Dodoo, Miller
  5. Seein photos of Ricksen gets me everything time, heartbreaking. Great touch from Ronaldo.
  6. Aswell as Gilks has done when played, we should be playing our number one against them.
  7. Hurry home Jordan, buzzing to see him at Ibrox. Massive talent.
  8. Was in contact with the ticket office early May about moving seat and they said my request was noted in their file and i would be contacted after all the renewals early June to look at options. Still no contact........
  9. My first instalment was debited today.
  10. Brilliant times, higher English the next day not so much
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