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  1. Daily Record saying Wigan are in for him.
  2. Too many ex Footballers (shall we say) on BT trying to make a name for themself. I feel Skys coverage is far more Professional.
  3. Ive been there. There is loads of English themed pubs. should be shown in one of those.
  4. Was he not in the team that won the Euros? I know he played one game but still....
  5. scottjf82


    No its on YouTube now.
  6. scottjf82


    Just Said on RTV that he was HAPPY with the performence ?
  7. Does anybody think he will get into our midfield they way we've been playing so far? I think the midfield is looking Strong
  8. Iam sure there was a interview with Pedro defore the game on Thursday that he said the players have known who was playing (in said game) from Monday.
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