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  1. The last 7 years are starting to be worth it
  2. Its this country IMO. Full of bitter wee people.
  3. Seen a few people do that mate but back when they first took over from NTL. They are chancing cunts mate but BT are just as bad. My brother has been with BT for 20 plus years and kicked up fuck about his bill etc
  4. I fucken hate live TV so ended up with a bump in internet and slight bill reduction. Missus was panicking thinking they just cut you off if you get arsey haha
  5. I just went on and kicked up fuck about being with them for 10 year and my bill going up to offset the cost of these new customer deals.
  6. If ever a player embodied the Bill Struth quote its our captain. My captain. Love ye James hope ye see this
  7. I still think Kent should be finishing top assist at Rangers at the very least mate sorry. He's a rolls of a player mate and he needs to show it over the season.
  8. As remarkable as our two full backs are they are still fucken full backs and I expect a 7 million pound winger to be top of the assist charts, at least top, probably far and away top. If a 300 grand RB has more assists than you you've got a problem. And any cunt that thinks Gerrard hasn't told Kent that either is out of their gourd.
  9. Aye then they fire about the park like angry wee resentful cunts taking it out on people with actual talents.
  10. Just bought MW3. Not a great game unless your playing it with mates, so....... Add me on Xbox live: Jack12345Burton
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