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  1. Goram is far and away the best GK that's played for Rangers in my lifetime. Shagger, Klos and Woods are fighting among themselves for 2nd spot.
  2. Most Rangers managers look like that if they make it more than a year
  3. We need the Euro money. No Euro money no new Midfielders.....not ones we want anyway.
  4. Wouldn't end up with cunts like @.Williamson. Blatant imo
  5. Think its more likely to be one of the areas of the pitch that have actually cost us trophies.
  6. I know a player. That's how am a bricky instead of a millionaire football scout.
  7. I'm just glad I'm alive at a time when managers the quality of Neil Lennon are managing in Scotland.
  8. Even with the asterisk the combination of the other letters is an affront to my eyes.
  9. Canny beat it This is up there with "its the defence" in March whilst we're sat on the same Goals Against as the galacticos and 40 goals behind in the Goals For column
  10. Last 30 minutes of the game yesterday was Ryan Kent of last season. Step overs and square passes 40 yards from goal.
  11. 7 million pound player that is now our talisman was written off after the first 6 weeks of his loan. Said it back in February: Thank fuck the fans don't run the club.
  12. Its wee passes like that that separates Hagi from everyone else
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