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  1. I'll have Rydo Kents position on this: We'll take anyone, why not. *swagger jog*
  2. I wanted Gerrard gone this time last year. Tbf there's so many of us on here that stated things like "never win anything him as manager/captain/CB/CF"
  3. Tbf I don't see how anyone can be comfortable with the laws and societal standards being apllied differently just based on what's in your current account. That's a dangerous attitude whichever way you slice it. This can't become the norm.
  4. Bear in mind this is the mob who described us winning in the last minute as "kicking out of a false finish" Weirdos.
  5. What the silly cunts don't seem to realise is that Gerrard and our board specifically built the management and coaching structure with continuity being the spine of it. So even if Gerrard leaves the things we've done so far that have taken us to this point won't stop. That happens with or without Gerrard. Its designed that way.
  6. They're either the least self aware people ever or they don't care. Why don't they stop ffs. See if that was my pod and we were having their season I'd have sacked it by the time my Xmas tree went up
  7. Whether you've realised it or not you've done a what would Jesus do. Right way to look at it. World needs more of it imo
  8. Its funny init. For the last 3 years everything our RB did except defend were never taken as excuses for his performances. A don't care about assists, a RB should defend everything else is gravy was the cry. So whats a wingers job first and foremost, everything else is gravy. Fairs fair.
  9. Aye mate murder cases are on the back burner due to covid, coroners suspended etc but they've got time for a possession charge case
  10. Showed his true Ashley loving colours imo fwiw
  11. Half year accounts look good Rolling in it fwiw
  12. And were supposed to issue a statement apologising for what went on in Scotland, which would mean taking responsibility for what's in that article as well. No thanks. Sorry about Neely we hooked the fucker asap but were not apologising for them.
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