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  1. If star wars taught us anything its that even the most powerful black man is really white inside.
  2. Him and his wee bum chum Dude. Strange thing is I haven't seen them give Connor Goldson the old "I don't know why you wouldn't support the knee " patter, for saying the exact same about it a few of us did. Watch em come along and tell us aye but he's black so he gets an opinion you're not so you don't. And then call you the racist. They might aswell ban or stick me on ignore because every post I make no matter the thread I will talk about it.
  3. Using the same tactics as BLM and the Dems during the last 2 years. Which posters on here championed and then used against posters on this forum. And those posters are still here and ones a mod now. Not a leg to stand on. Hypocrites.
  4. Bricking. It. Thats why it got published. Too little too late I suspect.
  5. It's only sectarian against Catholics. It's only racist against Irish. Sounds a lot like something I've read in the politics forum quite a bit. Y'know like how it's not racist unless it's being done by a white person. Ironically a few of those crackpots on this thread who suddenly have a problem with that abhorrent logic. No election soon though eh
  6. Those fireworks are an attempt at mass murder imo. As the rockets rise through the air they are collecting covid along the way and when they explode it becomes a crude bio weapon dispersal device. Imo
  7. Defo looks like he's no wanting an empire biscuit ya stupid old cow
  8. They'll let anyone in that school imo
  9. Its old include the players new wage, signing fee, agents fee, expenses from Costa for the 3 coffee him, his agent and his new clubs ceo had when they met to discuss terms, the cost of the taxi they took there and back and the actual fee exchanged between the clubs, trick.
  10. If we're ISIS then they're the Obama admin. 8 years and they couldn't finish the job.
  11. Jokes on the horrors because we're aw needing surgery right now. To remove the giant permanent shit eating grins on everyone of our dials.
  12. Singing republican duets with Karen Carpenter in hell. She wasn't fond of a snickers either
  13. Bear in mind this is the mob who described us winning in the last minute as "kicking out of a false finish" Weirdos.
  14. What the silly cunts don't seem to realise is that Gerrard and our board specifically built the management and coaching structure with continuity being the spine of it. So even if Gerrard leaves the things we've done so far that have taken us to this point won't stop. That happens with or without Gerrard. Its designed that way.
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