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  1. When you say "One for the future" I hope it doesnt mean just one!
  2. In our youth set ups.even u-17s,surely there is someone with a bit of pace/turning/shooting that could get a game before Healy/McCulloch.Not that Ive anything against them,but there should be no pressure til the end of the season.I really dont care if we finish 2nd or 3rd(I know Ill probably get pelters)but Ijust want this season til end.
  3. What I dont understand is why someone like John Greig,who I greatly admire,and still think of as one of the best ever Gers is qualified to handle the position of PR spokesman for our club ? What positive PR have we had in the last 2 years ?
  4. Who the fuck owns Rangers,the board or DM ?
  5. As far as I can see the board are money grabbing pricks draining money from our club.
  6. I was in the better the Devil you know camp, but now after nobody seems to stick up for the club they are supposed to represent (uefa,sfa,mhedia,fans)I now think there needs to be a total clearout and would be better with the Devil you didnt know
  7. What has the board ever done to justify getting paid for ?
  8. Gheers GS up here in north we dont get Clyde
  9. The way this is going,If Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy were to make a film about Rangers would it be called "Another 48 hrs,Another 48 hrs, Another 48 hrs,Another 48 hrs,etc"?
  10. Thanks for clearing that up, I thought it was only a million billion!
  11. How much does MIH owe to Lloyds (excluding Gers)?
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