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  1. There's no questioning his will to win, work ethic or commitment and last night he came on and played well but more often than not his touch his poor and his finishing isn't good enough to become a first team regular.
  2. Thinking he was harshly criticised last season. Scored a load of goals for us and creating countless chances despite the team trying to bypass the midfield in their approach. The drop of the shoulder and quick acceleration on the ball away from an opponent is second to none.
  3. He was at ye start of the season when he was playing wide right. When he plays on the left he is always turning back onto his right foot.
  4. Let's remember we were playing against Airdrie while they were playing Malmo. Yes we are getting better but there is a lot lot more work to be done
  5. Wasn't really a difficult one to work out
  6. The most vocal captain I can remember was Barry Ferguson and he got pelters for moaning at other players on the pitch. When Davie Weir was captain he didn't scream and shout at others. Wallace has obviously shown at training and away from football that he is the best candidate to be captain, and if that's what MW and DW think then it is good enough for me.
  7. Not asking what will happen but if you had the choice who would you keep and let go?
  8. Depends on a number of things like how many of you are going, budget, if you prefer good food or more drink etc
  9. Absolutely sickened by the way some of the so called Rangers supporters on here speak about ex and current players and staff. Might not be happy with the way things are going but to abuse these guys in the way that the do is out of order. The kind of vile we can do without.
  10. Clark filled in well and Daly offers a different option when needed. If we can keep them all fit and fighting for places there is no reason why we can't start scoring goals
  11. Not a fan at all but that awful mistake aside he had a good game. Especially last 25 minutes.
  12. Aye £20 from me too. Can't remember what price the email said.
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