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  1. Let's just get as much money as possible
  2. I like him and I hope we're interested. He's quick and has an eye for goal. Don't know if see him playing as a wide man or a striker though?
  3. Good player who's not done it at Forest for whatever reason. Worth a look I'd say
  4. If he digs his heels in he might get what he wants. Look at Bellamy for exmaple
  5. I've got a hunch that he'll sign for us provided he isn't after silly money. On a free it would make sense. We need wide midfielders and pace added to the squad.
  6. Not seen much of him buyt he's rated by the St Mirren fans, that's a plus. Depending on what happens with Weir and Bougherra we might be in need of three central defenders - minimum. This guy might be the cover option. On a low wage and could improve late developer style.
  7. He's obviously had some issuses with 'temperament' earlier in his career or he wouldn't be at Killie. He was tipped for big things as a youngster and has plenty of ability. If any deal's financially sound then we could do a lot worse.
  8. What makes you so sure? Post takeover and all
  9. He should play every week for me. I'd prefer it to be on the right, especially against the bheggars, but if it's to be on the left then so be it. Just make sure he plays, he offers something different. Yes he's going to be inconsistent, almost all wingers are, but he'll make chances and chip in with a few himself. He's proved this already.
  10. If we don't get took over then next year really will be when it all comes to a head. Bougherra, McGregor, Davis will go. They'll be repaced with cheaper options who probably won't be as good. The team will struggle and McCoist will get hung out to dry. I really do worry - things need to change and fast. That said, of we do get took over what a chance we have of doing things right. There will literally be a blank canvas for McCoist. Could be exciting times!
  11. We weren't outclassed at any point on Wednesday. We played to our strengths and United struggled to break us down. That said, they were comfortable throughout.
  12. This is more than likely to be his last season with us. The only way I an see him staying is if we get new investment. If we get £6m in thesummer we'll be doing well considering he'll be able to sign a pre-contract in January 2012. I reckon we'll get about £4m.
  13. Quite like Burley on the telly. Straight to the point and tells it as he sees it. Don't always agree with him but at least he's straight talking.
  14. As mentioned on the thread he was player of the tournie in Hong Kong and got rave reviews from the coaches. I was hoping he would push on but as with the vast majority of our youngsters, making the finla step is nigh on impossible.
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