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  1. It's nothing to do with the positive test and the narrative that it could happen anywhere is irrelevant. The photographs of the breaching distancing protocols, not using mask, close proximity to the public is what that the players and staff should be getting SFA punishments for. You can still test negative and be punished.
  2. My nephew was lucky enough to be a mascot on Saturday and walked out the tunnel with Kenny Miller. The wee man was buzzing and Kenny was absolutely class with him, chatting away with him. Fucking great day for him ruined by the junky spoon burners. He was terrified at the end. I'll never forget that.
  3. It's a completely different environment so isn't comparable. Communicating to group of people willing to learn a new skill in training ground environment is not the same as shouting and roaring at peers on the pitch.
  4. A key attribute for any coach is communications, especially at youth level. Listen to how clear and concise MW is. Unfortunately durrant doesn't have that skill. For that reason I don't think he'll ever be a top coach. It's an improvement if he's gone actually.
  5. Anyone know a good boozer to watch the game in Edinburgh?
  6. I've got Rangers to win and both teams to score @ 9/4 and tav anytime scorer @13/5. I think there will be a few goals today.
  7. Can't wait for this. It's my first time in hospitality, absolutely buzzing. Free bar before and after the game. Yaldi ?
  8. http://www.rangers.co.uk/club/kids/item/376-broxi-bear-pre-school-club I'm looking at getting my son (age 3 & 1/2) into a pre-school football club. Has anyone used the Broxi Bear one? Is it worth the money?
  9. Will there be any streams available if champions league is on?
  10. Mccoists policy on youth has seriously damaged our club. It's beyond forgivable. We are left with old players with no sell on value, out of contract. And what will be do to replace them?? Get more "experienced Gers men" in.
  11. If we had a foreign manager on a serious wedge, performing as poorly as McCoist, he would've been punted a long time ago. The boards loyalty to Mccoist is damaging more than the footballing side of things. We need change to galvanise the support.
  12. I am in the same boat, looking for 3 tickets. Willing to pay over the odds to celebrate a special occasion with my brothers.
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