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  1. Really like both strips, especially the Serbia one.
  2. More like a horrible penalty. Get Podolski off. Yeah your right, did mention it was a poor penalty. Tbh Germany doing not bad considering down to 10 men.
  3. I hear james is starting in goals today. England shall win this i reckon.
  4. I know i am sick to my back teeth of hearing about fecking Engerland.
  5. fecking greece don't even deserve this win, if nigeria hadn't lost a man this game would have been so different.
  6. Feel free, but I merged the threads. My thread was posted first, so that'll take the OP. I was joking hee hee! I don't mind. Its a man's world ?
  7. So no females allowed to start a footie thread? I reckon Nigeria should be good.
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