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  1. Check this out? This is what a tic fan sent in to Uefa ha ha! (Taken from a Celtic Fans Forum and yes, it is genuine.) Dear Sir I feel I must write to you to express my disgust at a blatant breach of UEFA rules concerning The Champions League and Manchester United in particular. I tuned into Sky Sports on Tuesday evening 14th Sept 2010 to watch one of the competitions higher profile games. What I saw disgusted me. The Manchester United manager had replaced up to 10 of his first team players with reserve team players because he had an important English Premiership game at the weekend with Live
  2. Really like both strips, especially the Serbia one.
  3. More like a horrible penalty. Get Podolski off. Yeah your right, did mention it was a poor penalty. Tbh Germany doing not bad considering down to 10 men.
  4. I hear james is starting in goals today. England shall win this i reckon.
  5. I know i am sick to my back teeth of hearing about fecking Engerland.
  6. fecking greece don't even deserve this win, if nigeria hadn't lost a man this game would have been so different.
  7. Feel free, but I merged the threads. My thread was posted first, so that'll take the OP. I was joking hee hee! I don't mind. Its a man's world ?
  8. So no females allowed to start a footie thread? I reckon Nigeria should be good.
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