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  1. Who would you like to see as their next manager? I would LOVE to see Mark McGhee get the job, and carry on Tony's good work!! P.S Cheers Tony, appreciate all your efforts! :clap:
  2. Not showing on www.myp2p.eu either. I don't think the game is on anywhere, apart from Rangers TV (but you can only watch the game if you're not in the UK)
  3. You're all very welcome lads, glad to help. Should have actually mentioned this in the first post, but there's a site where you can get streaming video as well. www.myp2p.eu Different software is required, depending on the links. I haven't tried it all, but I've had reasonable success with sopcast and tvu. I've managed to watch quite a few scottish games for nothing I'd like to offer a suggestion for the best way to listen to the radio on the internet. I use a program called vlc (www.videolan.org). Nice little program, and it's fully crossplatform, so it's available for Windows, Linux and M
  4. www.listenlive.eu Has thousands of radio stations, including all the UK ones. Apologies if this has been posted before, but I thought it might help my fellow Bears abroad Karl
  5. Very fair point. Ok, you've calmed me down a bit with that , but if it all goes pear-shaped I'm sending the boys round to sort you out OK?
  6. Don't believe anything that that Kev says. He tried to sell me some Celtic shares a couple of years ago, telling me that Celtic were just entering a generation of domination. He forgot to tell me that it would be a generation of Rangers domination!!
  7. From the Evening Times website.. The formation of an independent directors’ group to ensure a takeover of Rangers is in the best long-term interests of the Ibrox club was today welcomed by a senior fans’ representative. It was announced today that the independent directors, comprising chairman Alastair Johnston, chief executive Martin Bain, directors John McClelland and Donald McIntyre and club legend John Greig, will examine bids for the club. A statement released by the Glasgow club revealed the new body would consider the “full implications” of any offer and try to ensure it is “able to dem
  8. I agree. Never mind all this 'due diligence' pish, meetings etc. Get someone on here now to tell us exactly what's happening, then we can all get on with our work without having to spend the whole afternoon desperately scouring the internet for more information. That's only fair, isn't it? its hard to work and read the threads isn't it, come on somebody knows more. Exactly - but ANYONE who starts their post with something like 'I've just had a text from..' will be immediately ignored!! (Actually, no they won't. I'll believe anything! )
  9. I agree. Never mind all this 'due diligence' pish, meetings etc. Get someone on here now to tell us exactly what's happening, then we can all get on with our work without having to spend the whole afternoon desperately scouring the internet for more information. That's only fair, isn't it?
  10. Who else has been desperate for ages for something to happen, and now that is (or at least seems to be) is panicking a bit?
  11. Can someone clear this up for me once and for all - is our debt *only* 33 million (or so), or is it somehow also connected to the megamillions owed by MIH?
  12. I dont hate Celtic because of there religion, i hate them because they are Glasgow Rangers Rivals. If Celtic had 11 protestants and we played with 11 Catholics i would still hate them the same. (tu) Although hate is probably too strong a word. I do however THOROUGHLY enjoy watching them lose, and seeing how wound up they get on their forums talking about conspiracies, 'The Establishment' etc etc...
  13. You know what I've never understood? Why are they called WAGS? I mean, a group of them should be called WAGS (Wives And Girlfriends), but surely the single noun would be WOG? (Wife Or Girlfriend). Unless of course they ARE actually a Wife AND Girlfriend, in which case I would say they are CUNTs. (Cheating Underhand Nasty Trollops)
  14. Oh dear me,we've got a live one here! Well of course I'm a 'live one'. Alive and VERY happy after that result.
  15. LOL. That's also not bad. Not too bad at all... CARLSBERG DON'T DO REFEREES...BUT IF THEY DID
  16. (tu) It HAS to be something with "The Establishment" in it.
  17. It's quite simple really. Celtic supporters say all the time that they're "The Greatest Supporters In The World", and that they could unilaterally leave Scotland and the EPL would welcome them with open arms. Oh really?? Just keep this picture, and the next time they are playing in England, or the subject of them joining the EPL comes up, show the English that photo. I'm sure they'll be made *really* welcome down south when people realise what they are REALLY like.
  18. Dont you think Karl that those who abused Simon Weston spend their lives hating anything British ? And I can assure you its not caused by a lack of education. Oh absolutely. There is no question that the hatred coming from these people is as substantial as it is wrong. I was actually meaning (and I should have made this clear) that we should not respond to hatred with hatred of our own. If I let myself, I can feel my blood boil when I think of the sacrifices those brave men have made defending our country, but as I said hatred is a destructive emotion, and I think it's better not to succumb t
  19. Very well said indeed, but can I just add that, while sometimes understandable, hatred of anything is a destructive emotion. Don't waste your life hating someone or for doing something out of ignorance or lack of education. Hatred is like a cancer inside you, it can only do harm. Peace and happiness to everyone - especially after such an amazing result yesterday!!
  20. Fellow Bears, don't get mad about it. Just have a quiet smile to yourself. The paranoiaometer is at the highest it's been for a long time. Just think of all the paranoid tims, daily scouring the internet desperately looking to be offended about something. They are TOTALLY rattled. We've NEVER been in such a weak position, and yet we're STILL 10 points (or 7 with a game in hand) ahead of them. Think about that for a moment. Let's be honest, we are utter SHITE at the moment, and yet we're still top of the league. :-) Leave them to the irrational outbursts, and the calling of almost every referee
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