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  1. Northampton_Loyalist liked a post in a topic by OnlyOneAmoruso in Another perception on recent claims by contacts/boss   
    I'm clearly not clever enough to use the multi-quote.
    Orangeclement & Token:
    The Enemy Within is/was nothing to do with the protest. The protestors cannot stop other people making up banners.
    There's no witch hunt against anyone. Throughout the whole thread I've indicated that clarity needs to be given and sought after on BOTH sides and from all parties present at this meeting. Given that contacts is a well known poster in the online community I don't think it's unreasonable to ask this here. Also, as he has already provided information from a supposedly confidential meeting then you would assume he has no problem clarifying this and answering any questions to the contrary? I would assume (always risky!) that this would be why the other members of this meeting have not spoken up.
  2. Northampton_Loyalist liked a post in a topic by Maxiglw in Another perception on recent claims by contacts/boss   
    Sorry, but are you now saying that the people who are upset by the tone and timing of the "contacts" article are actually complicit in the shady goings on ?
    From what i have picked up it seems that the article by "contacts" was seen as an attempt to muddy the waters and cause the protest to be diluted due to the "don't panic, everything is o.k." message offered by said article.
    The people behind the protest didn't have this info due to them being "normal" fans and not the "ubber elite" who get invited for tea and scones.But this info was then countered by "others" who happen to have the inside track on said meeting and report that what "contacts" article portrayed was actually not quite how it was, or planned to be.
    Further more the information that we now have available from this secret meeting would indicate that there is an even greater need to gain access to the exact detail of what is going on with our club and why certain people are doing what they are ie Mr Muir.
    The fact that the 4 others present have withheld this information from the general support is what happens when you have "secret" meetings, maybe they left the meeting and thought "bull-sh*t", maybe they just felt obliged to hold the agreement but they haven't offered the Rangers support some candy stick to suck on either ?
    Perhaps you know who the other 4 were ? perhaps "contacts" will tell you(us) via the board ? And maybe your hint of "envy" about one group being in on the plot and crusade to earn a tie and blazer is well founded, or perhaps the ones at the meeting are viewed by some as having personal gain as their main goal rather than the best for the Rangers ?
    I don't know but i do know that I want to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth - sadly so far i now know less than i did prior to this article but i certainly have greater fears than i did then.
  3. Northampton_Loyalist liked a post in a topic by Chookes in Another perception on recent claims by contacts/boss   
    I don't really know why I was given a negative for asking a question about something I'm not sure about but anyway .
    Cheers for the answers. This whole episode has confused me greatly.
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