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  1. Now that the league is wrapped up do you think walter will give some of the young guns a game to see what we hav for next season??
  2. I would take ma top of with a vest with ftp written on it and run right round the girodome!
  3. aright mate, u a speyside high pupil were ya, do you know an alex collie

  4. After goin 2 watch the watch the game last nite me and my mates never got home until after 4 in the morning after getting stuck in the snow a few times! Was wondering if any other bears were home any later?
  5. Been on the st johnstone website says nothing about been in doubt. I fear another late call off.
  6. A kane am a fud haha! Any idea how 2 change it??
  7. Nae drunk a thing it 2 months if we win am goin 2 need ma stomach pumped!
  8. i would go for big kevin kyle if boydie goes! Maybe zemmama! I would go for zander diamond aswell he is a tim but would do a job if fit! He isnae fit tae shovel shit
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