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  1. OP on our chances of winning.
  2. Can't judge him when playing out wide in my opinion. If he gets a decent amount of game time through the middle then we can make up our mind. And, he's still young.
  3. The reason the story wasn't verified is because it was unverifiable - because it wasn't true. The only people who would've known if Uefa were investigating us are Uefa. And if they they won't comment on ongoing investigations, then it would have been impossible to verify. Meaning the Record (and others) have to decide if they trust the integrity of the source. If, as seems to be the case, the guy has a good track record, I can understand why papers would run with it. You could argue that across the board media outlets shouldn't run stories they can't verify 100%, but
  4. Apologies if a repost, couldn't see this elsewhere on here. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/liverpool-legend-steven-gerrard-shortlisted-15996087
  5. I also think that Rodgers, like a lot of other overrated manager,is a fair-weather manager, i.e. is good when things are going well but doesn't know how to turn it around when they're not. Look at his last season at Liverpool. This could be the start of the wheels coming off.
  6. Or Jim Baxter. The truth is when things are going wrong people will find fault in things that otherwise they probably wouldn't notice.
  7. Do you have any evidence to support that though? For example, GVB who has links to us is 25-1. I've read several folk on here say they've put money on him, yet he remains a long shot. I pretty sure it would take more than a 'couple of bets' to take someone like GP, who hadn't been mentioned much, come in to 2-1 favourite. And even if it is true, why are people now betting on him when they weren't before? I'm not saying there's definitely something in it, just that someone's obviously heard something.
  8. I appreciate that, but still, I can't remember anyone being as short odds with any bookie since McInnes (who was actually approached). Just set wondered if anyone had heard anything because a Google news search really doesn't link him with us much at all.
  9. Graham Potter in to 2-1 favourite with Bet Victor. Anyone one heard anything about this? Seems very short odds for someone who's barely been mentioned up until now.
  10. Even if he believes the shite he's spouting, the timing of it shows a startling lack of judgment.
  11. Zander1


    Do you know what, of someone promoted me to three stations above my current level at my work I'd probably struggle. It wouldn't be my fault, but equally it wouldn't mean I was qualified to do it.
  12. Zander1


    Mind-boggling to me that anyone would want him anywhere near our club. Is it purely on the fact that he's managed in the EPL? Someone with his record in any other league would never be quoted.
  13. That would make sense. Risk losing out on a good candidate to try to get him on the cheap. I hate to say it but we'll end up with either Murty or someone like Tommy Wright.
  14. I'd love to believe our board are that forward thinking. But I don't. I honestly think they're hoping and praying Murty finishes the season strongly enough to justify giving it to him permanently.
  15. We're estimated to have paid £300,00 -£600,000 for Pedro. Big jump to the rumoured £2m for MPH. I just think if we were willing to pay that we'd have done it when his agent was touting him for the job. The fact that the board gave Murty the job until the season's end make me think they'll look for a cheap option. I could be wrong. It's been known.
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