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  1. Thats our Church of Scotland reverend speaking. Pipe down.
  2. Thomson was far more expressive on the park. His aggression in the tackle endeared him to the fans. A very clever player and in my opinion above Jack, at present. Jack continues to surprise me though, I didn’t think it would work out when he first signed and indeed last season was a bit stop start. The signs this season are very encouraging.
  3. 1 X adult ticket for sale for the Chadwick stand. Can meet in the Glasgow area prior to Friday. Face value of course, cheers.
  4. I said yes to Lee Robinson in the poll only because I think he's a decent back up keeper. That being said is rather Liam Kelly was Cammy Bell's understudy. Can't believe so many people would keep Kyle Hutton he's a brutal midfielder.
  5. supermac


    Best right back option we've played this season. Hopefully he's fit again soon.
  6. Exactly anyone who is involved in our club should provide clarity to our support. It's the least anyone could do considering what we've been through.
  7. When Murray was on the board, our stadium, training facilities, naming rights, our crest, our retail were all safe.
  8. Thanks for posting. A really good interview that gives us a good insight into the goings on at MP, good and bad.
  9. Ally believed we had offered Gordon and Scott Allen deals. I tend to believe him despite his shortcomings as a manager. I think the board shafted him on those signings.
  10. Easy to be "a good Rangers man" on that wage. I suppose in any other walk of life you'd be saying fair play. On the other hand we need to look at who the feck allowed the kit man to earn so much!
  11. I have no doubt he would improve us short to medium term. I'd be much more comfortable with McCall being part of the coaching set up at Rangers similar to the role at Scotland as you mention. You're right he did work wonders with them season on season. However it's a big step up to manage us as you know. He could lose a game one week with Motherwell with little reaction from the fans. In comparison with our fans it's the end of the world if we lose. He'd be an ideal assistant as he has his own views on players and tactics as opposed to a yes man holding a clip board.
  12. They are just shite and don't care, the majority anyway. As long as they get a wage at the end of the week, I don't think it affects most of them. We took ex spl players who of course cantered the lower leagues. However, they have failed to gain the hunger for success and now that they are earning treble what they would ever have earned elsewhere. They are quite happy to slip back into mediocrity. Bad times but we have very few real Rangers quality players/people at the club.
  13. It's all very well McCall man managing Nicky Law but we need the team to play better not just one overpaid Shitebag. I respect McCall as a coach, but, manager of Rangers I could never see him be a success. He quit Motherwell as he ran out of ideas with them. What hope would he have as manager of the most scrutinised position in Scottish football. P.S as stated I love McCall and would love him to prove me wrong.
  14. No, there are alternatives which would be easier. I.e the board getting everyone who is willing to assist Rangers round a table and discussing the best way forward. Also it would help if Somers could go, as he is only in it for himself.
  15. To quote the late great Bill Struth. '"...Never fear, inevitably we shall have our years of failure, and when they arrive, we must reveal tolerance and sanity. No matter the days of anxiety that come our way, we shall emerge stronger because of the trials to be overcome. That has been the philosophy of the Rangers since the days of the gallant pioneers."
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