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  1. Not one bitter fenian bastard can admit we're a better side than them. Long may their deluded arrogance continue.
  2. And next season the tarriers will be building a team around Welsh, Bain and Turnbull!
  3. That was as piss easy as it gets. Only our own sloppiness gave them any glimmer of a hope.
  4. A bit of the usual taig on taig violence brewing in the studio there.
  5. At times it doesn't look like he know himself what he's going to do next, hence why he's so much more effective played higher up the park where he has the freedom to try things, but with the security of having players behind him to cover when it doesn't come off.
  6. Outwith a 10 minute spell where we sat off them and seemed to forget this isn't a dead rubber, they've not looked a threat at all. If we decide to kick out of first gear in the second half this could easily be a 4 or 5 nil job. Would love to give them a royal humping today.
  7. We definitely need some strength and running power in there to offer something different when our possession game isn't working. I'll be amazed if this isn't the main focus of our summer transfer plans.
  8. In certain games midfield has been our biggest strength, with keeping possession and controlling the game. But on the flip side of that, it's also been our biggest weakness in other games when teams with physicality and athleticism have just run over the top of us. We definitely need freshening up with real quality in the middle of the park for next season.
  9. Pretty sure Gerrard has said that he's a really shy quiet lad and I think that shows in these type of games. He doesn't stamp his authority or personality on the opposition at all. Not sure if this is something that can ever be developed.
  10. Game evened up once we actually shored things up on our right hand side, took too long to make that changes though. It's clearly a mentality / confidence thing with Aribo. He's got the natural talent and physical attributes, but there's something holding him back. Reminds me of Emile Heskey in that respect, I'm not sure he'll ever overcome that and be the player he potentially could be.
  11. We've put in two of our most lackluster performances of the season in the last two old firm games and they haven't been able to get the better of us. I think if we do click again at Ibrox we'll put a few past them.
  12. A bit of a 'meh' game, not often you see an old firm hand with so much of it played at walking pace. We look physically and mentally exhausted, hopefully the international break gives a few of our players the chance to recharge their batteries for one final push for the Scottish Cup and hopefully keep that unbeaten league run too.
  13. It's one or the other (or neither in this type of game), can't afford to have them both in the same line up in an old firm game. Aribo an empty jersey again and Hagi a big contributor to our defensive issues down the right.
  14. Ya wee beauty! Out of them giving away a needless corner, their heads could drop now, back in the game and we've been garbage. Alfie hat trick today would do just fine!
  15. We're so slack and a few players seem to have mentally checked out for the season now the leagues done. If we're not careful here this could end up being embarrassing. Need to change things on that right hand side before it's game over.
  16. Look at the reaction of the Slavia number 12, its his own player that he's staring at. Then when it kicks off, he doesn't initially jump in to protect his team-mate and their number 4 also doesn't get involved either. Seems clear to me that they also heard what the scumbag said. Whether they will publicly come out and confirm this however is doubtful to say the least.
  17. Helander has a calming presence on the whole defence, but if he had an injury tonight then I'm not sure what else Gerrard could have done. Nobody would have expected Balogun to have such a nightmare performance.
  18. Yep completely agree, at least against Leverkusen you knew from the off they were a class above. This mob were tactically disciplined and cynical and we just didn't show up at all over the two legs. They were also probably the most dislikeable side we've faced, so must have been frustrating as hell to play against, but that's what we're gong to be up against in the champions league. Think there's question marks still over a few players at the next level, but I'm sure the management team know what recruitment they need to focus on this summer.
  19. Disappointing how we've approached this so far, yet another slow start playing right into their hands. They're a decent well organised side but I wouldn't go any further than that. Unfortunately at this level you can't afford to play with 10 men let alone 9, Aribo has been posted missing and Arfield is miles off the pace and can't make a simple pass to a blue jersey. Dropping Helander is looking like a poor decision just now as well. But we've seen this team do something special out of nothing plenty of times in Europe before so all is not lost, we just need to put them under pressure at
  20. If he keeps developing I'm not sure how long we'll be able to hang onto him, but he'll make us a lot of money one day. Already a better player than Frimpong was for the tarriers.
  21. Happy with a score draw after the way we started the match. There's definitely goals to be had against them at Ibrox and them having to score will suit us on the break. Looking forward to it.
  22. As good as you could ever see. I think the only think that may have topped it would have been if he tipped it round the post then still claimed for a goal kick.
  23. Tonight was a watershed moment for me. Up until now, as much as the leagues been over for weeks I've had that nagging doubt in the back of my mind of it all somehow falling apart. I've been overly negative about some performances and overly critical of certain players. But whether it was the manner of the win tonight with the injustice of the penalty, the sheer joy that the whole team to a man showed when Alfie slotted home the winner, or the raw passion and emotion from the Manager, or probably a combination of all this, tonight is the first time I think it's properly sunk in just what this g
  24. Justice done tonight, we weren't great but were the better team by an absolute mile. Livingston should be ashamed of themselves, an utter disgrace of a pitch and their sole 'tactic' for their keeper to smash it straight to Mcgregor every time. No wonder Scottish football struggles for TV money and sponsorship when a team like that is comfortably clear of relegation. Glad Morelos got his goal, was a tough shift tonight and deserved that after getting screwed over with the penalty incident.
  25. Clarke to tarriers Mcinnes to Scotland Lennon to sheep Would be my guess.
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