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  1. Fantastic, knew it was going to be a close thing but that was some finish. Me and my mates got up at 3.30am to be the first people in the grandstand on the 1st tee on the 1st day and I'm gutted that I had to watch it on TV today, but still a superb event.
  2. Its bad enough that tims believe Liewells spin but I cant believe how many Rangers fans constantly piss their pants at these so-called link ups and overseas marketing masterplans that the filth supposedly have in place.
  3. I usually end up with a few scratches and bruises depending on how hard my victim partner tries to fight me off.
  4. No chance of that happening IMO, next Man Utd manager will be Mourinho or Blanc.
  5. What a strange story, if he was just in buying crisps and chocolate then why did the shopkeeper refuse to serve him on the basis that you cant sell cigarettes to anyone in uniform?
  6. inTIMidation clearly works, it seems to be a weekly occurrence now that we get a referee who gives the opposition everything.
  7. He played ok but I still think we have have a glaring fault within our midfield with the time and space we give the opposition from around 35 - 20 yards from our goal. We just dont close down at all. I wouldnt necessarily blame McCulloch for this though as its been a problem for a season or two now regardless of who we've used in midfield.
  8. A window licker with a cleft pallet, he'll communicate well with the rest of the multinational tim defence...
  9. I'd disagree with one point made in the article...theres not a chance in hell Inter will make the last 4.
  10. He's now the main man, in possession of the number 9 jersey and can stay up top rather than spend his time running around doing the work of two players and trying to create chances for his strike partner.
  11. Papac is just too lackadaisical, he gets caught out far too much and always gives the opposition far too much time and space on the ball. Just seems to be his way and a part of his game thats never going to change. St Johnstone seemed to target this side of the pitch and they had a lot of joy in the first half as Weir doesnt have the pace to get out there and cover any gaps that Papac leaves. Against better sides we will be found out in this area.
  12. Agree with that, I'm surprised at the number of posters on here saying Naismith should have got MOTM, I thought he was woeful for at least an hour. Some of his passing and attempts at interplay with Whittaker in the first half were abysmal. Davis again was poor and looks pretty lost as part of a central pairing. But as poor as we were I hope we wont come up against referees like that too often, he barely gave us a decision all day.
  13. We have to pull out all the stops to keep him, he's become our most important player.
  14. If he plays one more aimless 50 yard punt up the park then yes he should be dropped.
  15. That was dire. On that display I think a of people have to calm down with their claims that we'll walk the league this season.
  16. Its as easy as that, a bit of width and a good ball in, hey presto.
  17. Same old Rangers, never changes. Pissing about with no urgency, passed off the park by a pishy team and everyone in the box ta a set piece and no-one picking up anywhere else. And everything has come down our left side, Papac as usual needs to wake the fuck up.
  18. I take it Killie Academy is a 'special' school then yes?
  19. He has a chronic record everywhere other than the SPL, but he'll probably score goals for the tims. Nothing to be scared of though. In saying that I'll be very surprised if Hibs dont hold out for an over the odds price for him.
  20. I actually think Fortune could be a decent player at full fitness and with the right manager. Stokes is what he is, a good finisher but I really dont think he'll bring anything to the filth that they dont already have. And after the way Hibs have conducted their transfer business in the past I'd be surprised if they didnt hold out for double what the clatties are offering.
  21. Not sure you can sell rights to individual Champions League matches though, surely its already contracted to broadcasters within each country? I would have thought he meant commercially lucrative as in selling hospitality packages and tickets.
  22. I did an OU diploma a few years back, its a lot of work if you are working full time at the same time. I think I was expected to do around 16 hours a week studying which doesnt sound a lot but trying to fit it in around work and socialising was pretty difficult. Theres no way I put in as much effort as I should have but I got my diploma which was all that mattered, there was no way I was going on to finish the degree. To be honest I'm not sure its really suited to school pupils and I'm somewhat confused as to what your school is actually offering.
  23. Just bringing in another rabid tim scumbag on the pitch to try and appease the ones in the stand (whose numbers are dwindling by the week)
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