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  1. The Compare the titles banner updated of course.
  2. Yes i would love them to get relegated their fans are scum and their manager is a complete tit.
  3. R.I.P Cooper Gone but never forgotten. Thanks for the memories.
  4. The team spirit is second to none and the amazing will to win is as strong as i have ever seen. No Surrender
  5. It was great seeing Nacho enjoying the moment, There is only one Nacho Novo
  6. At least McCoist wont have to answer to Souness this time.
  7. No chance Whittaker has scored more goals and he is not a striker
  8. Muff is right Uefa dont like domestic league games to be live on tv when champions league games are on, the reason the St.Mirren game was on tv was because it was a cup match.
  9. Davis for me should be player of the year.
  10. Had a great game,getting back to way he was playing before he got injured. He set the tone of the game with his tackle on keane.Well played KT.
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