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  1. Don't worry about the lack of football. We did what we had to do and our opponents combusted. Just keep grinning.
  2. “Their first game was a terrible spectacle with the ball suffering an incredible amount of abuse” Not much changed in Scottish football then. That's a brilliant quote from William Dunlop, showing even back then football was a game that had some great characters Now we are probably playing the most creative and skilled football in our 150th year, and at least the ball itself is not taking the same abuse from our current players..
  3. Alongside Vieira Lampard, and Bergkamp. and I'd also add that Portuguese guy who played for Man United.
  4. Yeah, was just reading it again. Bit confusing. So, it's not the official FA hall of fame, it seems, yet looks legit.
  5. He's in pretty decent company too. (Keane the weakest link there) https://www.premierleague.com/hall-of-fame/inductees
  6. Last season's obviously. It helped to 55.
  7. Shame after so much progress he's being forced to drop a level.
  8. And at no time was it implied or taken to task officially that there may have been obvious sectarian or even racist issues in targeting a foreign player in Scotland for a political,(as in seeming sensible and judicious in the circumstances).minded football agenda by the press and media. That is what annoyed me the most. But thankfully Gerrard, Defoe and his other team mates and advisors steered him through it when a reasonable man, especially a good family man, would probably have thought "fuck this, I'm out of this cesspit". Wee hero who has become a greater player and already a man of huge stature in our history.
  9. Ethnic and racist abuse against folk of an Orange colour should not be tolerated.
  10. A wee tip for gardeners. Choose a colour scheme you like in the garden, but keep it subtle, as it might annoy the neighbours.
  11. I know it went over your head. . Have a wee sit down.
  12. Maybe they don't like my occasional spelling mistakes, just a sign of old age.
  13. I suspect you are used to being humiliated. Always best to stick to what you do best.
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