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  1. Porteous will be raging because knows he was left standing by Alfredo's movement in from the right in to the box, not only did he not keep up, he then chose to mark someone else.
  2. Expect Tav to still be taking the penalties if we get one.
  3. It's a wet wee bit windy night in Edinburgh, against a hard Hibs team, who are going to kick us around right from kick off. cause they lost at the weekend. Definitely a game for Helander.
  4. Probably forced him to listen to Susan Boyle records, as well as the Ira and Rod ones. all part of the cellic kulture.
  5. Listening to the radio just before the Livorno game in Italy. 2006. No Scottish team had ever won in Italy. In the previous few weeks we'd lost to cellic and lost to ICT at Ibrox. Previous season we won nothing,finishing 3d a long way behind cellic. Our new French manager was struggling already in the league. Not only did I think we'd do bad in Livorno, I also thought back to the three times we'd reached European finals, and realised with the huge fall in standard of Scottish football, and the increasing wealth of the big European teams, that we'd never come close again to any
  6. They've expressoed a wish to leave ? Maybe they've smelt the coffee.
  7. Absolutely no truth in this reply from @badjon. Why do you make these things up on this forum ? Have you no shame ? An embarrassing and disgusting reply, which I have reported to admin.
  8. This is a terrific post. I'd pin it to the top of the forum, so we can look back on it in years to come and say: @BigBearButt was right.
  9. Was only 18 games, but they were there to be won or lost. So still an amazing record, which nobody else had achieved. Incidentally we lost every cup that season.
  10. Rangers 1898/99 Won every league game.
  11. We already have the Rangers players' Hall Of Fame. But if we could put Rangers teams in there who would you have as your choices. I'll start of course with these.
  12. If and when 55 comes, their names in the Ibrox heroes list will be guaranteed forever. Right up there with the greatest.
  13. tannerall


    Maybe there was a reason there ?
  14. No disrespect to Katic, Balogun and Helander, but just imagine how great he would be with a true and proven top class centre half beside him.
  15. Max kudos to him as well for not recommending his previous centre back partner to us.
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