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  1. We are fortunate to have had so many great goalkeepers in recent decades. Goram, Klos, Woods and McGregor. Can't think of goalies from other SPLclubs who even came close to them.
  2. No, I never referred to it as the sole reason, that is your misguided and incorrect opinion again.but I do believe it contributes to two of the major reasons as below. 1) European refs are not as biased or corrupt. 2) European refs allow less of the physicality inherent in Scottish football, which is often focused on us, and lowers the standard of our game. I also believe other reasons would pale in to insignificance. What do you believe is the major reason?
  3. You've already beaten yourself by suggesting yourself the obvious that Scots referees and football corrupt yet our European results are better. Are you trying to deliver two different opinions now. Hence the need for two usernames ?
  4. That's fine. Nothing to see then, just coincidence you believe Scots refs are out to get us, and the Scottish game is corrupt, but that doesn't explain why we get better results Europe. Hoist by your own petard methinks.
  5. Did not remember that but I guess I can trust your opinion a lot more than @Malkytfp1 Another account on here is @Malkytfp Small world innit ?
  6. Yeah, but in those days the refs were a bit more neutral, so mistakes from both teams cancelled out, without the refs giving biased decisons in other incidents or targetting our players to influence results. Have you not noticed Scottish Football is corrupt yet ? I
  7. No not all the others, mostly just the decisions in big games, or allowing other teams to target our players (Morelos) Stop trying to wind sensible Gers fans up. It's embarrassing.
  8. Two wee examples where a wee team did well against us don't overshadow the very many shocking decisions we've had to endure in bigger games by shockingly bad or biased refereeing over the last decade. Get real.
  9. For at least 10 fucking years. Are you in total denial or just wearing green rose tinted spectacles ?
  10. Could have had 5 players sent off for farting before kick off. Didn't happen. Stick to facts. All that matters at end of the day.
  11. So you reckon refs in Scotland don't favour bullying tactics against Morelos ? Or do you think Scottish clubs failing miserably in Europe where the physyical approach is restricted and open football is more important is just coincidence ? History and common sense would strongly suggest otherwise.
  12. This. We are allowed to play football without any bias towards us from the officials. Simples. Interesting to note the likes of Kilmarnock. Aberdeen, even Motherwell often get a result against us, yet fail miserably on every occasion in Europe. No biased referees in Europe to help them.
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