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  1. A one, a one, a one two three four. I guess. At the second attempt.
  2. A fair point well made, shone by the failure of other Scottish clubs to make any mark on Europe whatsoever.
  3. You suggesting the chorus was Steven.Steven Steeeeeeven too ?
  4. Cheers mate, early hours Sunday a lot of folk ain't got the attention span or find it easier to post abuse. Great thread this at the end of the week. Simple fun at no ones expense really. Apart from the guy who recorded the vid.
  5. Graeme Souness, actor. Played the character Yosser in Boys From The Blackstuff.
  6. Well thought out post. Question would be, will Gerrard go on to greater success with us or Liverpool given greater resources. I'm optimistic.
  7. Eminem wrote down Stan and then composed a masterpiece. Beatles wrote down Eleanor Rigby and then composed a masterpiece. Wee guy in a cave somewhere in Lanarkshire with a Casio 1500 wrote Steven, Steven, Steveeeeeen then fucked off for a pint.
  8. To be fair the lyricist probably doesn't understand what plural is.
  9. Rangurs, Rangurs, Ranguuuuuuurs. If you know the words just join in.
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