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  1. Naw, nothing personal just business common sense, why would you aid your main business rivals ? Unless we did a deal with a wee club regarding transfers, loans, first dibs etc, but don't think that would be allowed. Trump may be seen as a nut job, but he is currently the most successful business man in the world.
  2. What's it all about ? Thought this was going to be a thread slaughtering Alfie Conn Junior.
  3. Fair enough. We are not the only bandwagon for bitterness, the other Glasgow club is the main culprit, but unfortunately we were drawn in to this bitterness as well. Yes I find it sad too. A small part of our support seems to dwell in political or religious bitterness to a greater degree than the football itself.
  4. My comments were not a generalisation either way. They are focused on particular statements on this thread, which spill over to some similar opinions amongst our support. Gers fans can, of course be elitist in football terms, but any other elitist views by Gers fans are contrary to the current times and to the views of the club. We are officially an all-encompassing club. Your comment regarding supporting Partick or Queen;s Park is without justification, and one of the most riidculous views I've heard on here, by the way. Can you explain your logic ? Wings over Scotland, no id
  5. So some folk on here don't want to associate with or respect 1) SNP supporters. 2) Other fans, especially foreign football fans talking about our club. 3) Any cellic fan or employee. So the question is: Do they apply the same staunch upstanding rules to their relationship with family, friends, employers, who are any of the above, and anyone who just happens to support another team ? Probably not. Rangers Football Club is just a wagon for their bitterness. Shame our club is still entrenched with these neandrethals.
  6. NME and Hi Fi magazines for a few years in the late seventies. Then garden magazines for a year around 2000. That's all. Liked Viz, Private Eye for a while, and liked the Sunday newspaper magazines in the 90s. More recently read the Four Four Two magazines sometimes when I was going the the gym. They're very good. Never bought scud magazines, we began nicking them from newsagents when we got to about 12, later picked them up at work and stuff.
  7. Don't think Dalgleish has ever said anything particularly nasty toward our club in his life as a footballer, manager or pundit. Kept his integrity as a professional at a club that ha been riddled with scum during the years. Only reason immature and angry folk are hating him is he chose to further his career at a club where he was hugely successful, and scored goals against us.
  8. Ref got it right for us v Willem 11.
  9. Yeah saw him maybe 10 years ago down the Sussex cricket ground in Hove and he played all his classics, which the audience loved, but he played 3 in a row covers during the set including my post above which were just incredibly powerful and really stood out for me. Wasn't aware of that album,but had a look on google and it's a lot of great songs by great songwriters, will certainly have a listen.
  10. Be careful with funeral music, it could be a lot worse than we post, none of us really want to be lying in a wooden box, maybe not 100% dead, yet having to listen to fucking "You Lift Me Up Where You Belong" for the umpteenth time cause family or friends never realised we had much better choices.
  11. Fuck that mate, you've got good taste, so broadcast it wide and far, I for one will appreciate it, a good tunes a good tune whether it be Beethoven or Beatle or Beastie Boys. Most folk who don't like disco or country western, just need to listen to Donna Summer or Johnny Cash, and folk who don't like opera or musicals will be more than happy to sing the songs at football games.......... And your Tom Jones medley was terrific, seen him live a few times and he puts on a great show. This was a masterful interpretation of the Leonard Cohen classic which outshines most other versions by
  12. Love the original , but the backing band on this is so cheesy, especially the Ray Manzarek wannabee keyboard dude. But that girl really took it up a few levels, she's terrific.
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