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  1. That Rogne will be having nightmares about him, absoulutly outstanding today!
  2. Moany face wee rat. Never thought of the fact that he might just be shite?
  3. Boyd and Miller would have a field day against those two. Would love for it to happen.
  4. That's a nice looking top. Might actually buy it, if that is the new one
  5. Boyd. His goals are to valuable for us. Walter has a eye for defender + we have Danny Wilson in backup as well.
  6. iBear


    wud that make it White instead of blue. I've had it in linear mode before accidentaly and it doesn't seem to b the same thing badger? Post a screenshot. can u tell me how to do that Gary. Then I'll post it up for u bud Press Prt Sc SysRQ Button Then paste on paint.
  7. Beat me Great Minds mate Heid (Caldwell) Did that big headed bastard not score? he didnt start the season at Wigan pal. Ahh, thanks. Was unsure of that.
  8. Good points Papaguy. When we start stringing passes together, our play is phenomenal. Our counter-attacking is second to none. I pretty sure we have one of the best defences in Britain. Plus we're 20 goals ahead of them. We play the best football and always will!
  9. Our aim is to win the season. What it should be is: Win the season and beat ra septic everytime.
  10. Liked both layouts. Thought the older one was a bit simpler to use.
  11. Beat me Great Minds mate Heid (Caldwell) Did that big headed bastard not score?
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