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  1. Marvin Andrews Thought he was a fantastic signing, especially since it was from Livingston we got him from. Did they not win the Scottish League cup during his last season for them?
  2. Even if they do get in, they'll get hammered every game against those teams. Plus tired legs for them and hopefully a few injuries as well.
  3. Nothing wrong with criticism, it's the people who moan for the sake of it! Thursday is the big challenge for us but great display from us anyway.
  4. I'd have to pick McGregor, don't like the thought of giving Goian the armband so soon after joining. While length at the club isn't as important as leadership abilities, giving a new signing the band seems kinda daft to me. Repped for shite pun, made me laugh though
  5. McMillan has a good burst of pace! Like the look of the boy.
  6. Yeah for Perry's first start, he was solid. McMillan surely must be a shout to be our natural right back instead of Brodders.
  7. Top 3 is possible for City is they can be consistent this year. I think the league might just be out of reach for them but you never know!
  8. Some of our crossing is shocking at times. Wallace should be doing so much more with that but great run from Wylde
  9. I'd say why not? The boy hasn't put a foot wrong during both games. I'd give McMillian a game as well, he doesn't look out of place.
  10. Unlucky Davo, fantastic strike! Ever noticed our midfielders have cracking shots on them but we hardly strike from outside the box?
  11. This is a fucking no brainer, just because he hasn't got off to the best of starts means he should be sacked? While I wasn't 100% he was the best choice, McCoist has my full backing as I do believe he will come good eventually! It's a big step up for him and he more than anyone knows what the club's about.
  12. Aye and he was probably choking on his own bile as he said that! I do agree that Provan is much worse, he's an arsehole.
  13. Our play during the first half was sublime at times! With Davis and Naismith breaking up and charging in midfield + width from Wylde and Ortiz, this could potentially be a cracking team!
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