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  1. Christmas Shopping done and excited for playing fifa tonight and getting some long awaited alone time.
  2. My mum put my hoodie on the radiator before i went for a fag.
  3. Same as you, 2 is quality. 1 is boring, 3 is good but i'd say in comparison to 2 it's quality over quantity, like loads of badass shit goes on in the 3rd but the 2nd just does it better.
  4. I reiterate my earlier post, dead on to win, especially when i'm high every post is funny
  5. Have 2 new energy drinks, will be sat in the same spot comfy for over an hour with fifa, sex later and still have cash for more ganjo.
  6. Just won £10 on a scratch card, i'm going for a joint and to buy 2 NEW RELENTLESS'S
  7. Amen bruvva! Munching a pie after a wake n bake
  8. It's immense IMO. The second one is set in Vietnam, then their is the third in Afghanistan and then the new(ish) one in some weird country.
  9. The Booler got annoyed at Derek in the shagging taigs page because of his usage of the word "downie" He seemed pretty bothered and i think he said he was avoiding this place now and sticking to VB or sout because we're all shitecunts... He was a cracking poster.. at times.
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