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  1. I was suggesting we make legal representation to UEFA as, I believe, they merely latched on to an issue that others, such as McNee and Speirs, had stirred up with them. I think we need the Club to be more pro-active with UEFA as I fear problems could still come on this issue next season. I accept there is a distinction in Scotland although as I have tried to state in my post I believe there is scope domestically for those who have an agenda against us and was suggesting we try to be a bit clever for once and act to avoid that in the future. I also think the potential for Reid and others like
  2. sonWilliam "Will i have my suspicion on you now as for a poster who can't spell the simple word of FOOTBALL and UEFA must come under suspicion." What a clever and insightful comment. Obviously my typing and spelling skills have let me down. I can see I'm no match for you in the debating stakes. Just to quell your "suspicion" I saw my first Rangers game in 1958 and have followed the Club through thick and thin ever since. However why should I bother to justify myself to you ? You don't like my views, fine, let's beg to differ, but don't resort to the pathetic " he doesn't think the same as
  3. SonoWilliam, I've actually had previous posts, however I didn't realise voicing your opinions on the team you love and have supported all your life was the sole preserve of those of many posts or that TBB was a taboo subject. Anyway I think if you read my post properly you'd see it was actually about a lot more than TBB, however I'll think twice before bothering in future. Where ignorance is bliss tis folly to be wise.
  4. Sorry you wasted three minutes of your life. I think you'll find the Billy Boys is bannded by EUFA. " EUFA DIRECTIVES. Villareal Following the two UEFA Champions League fixtures against Villareal in February and March 2006, UEFA charged Rangers FC for being responsible for discriminatory chants sung by sections of their supporters at both matches, in particular, the ‘Billy Boys’ and ‘**** the Pope’. Rangers challenged the charges and the UEFA Control & Disciplinary Body cleared the Club in April 2006. UEFA appealed that decision and the Disciplinary Inspector called for the closure of part
  5. I didn't say Elgar was "quintessentially" British, I said the music was, and what relevance is his religion to the quality of his music.
  6. Following the recent article on the first part of Kevin Anderson’s thesis, a few random thoughts on songs from the terraces and the political will to do us down. To begin, a plea to real Rangers supporters. Let’s try to be a bit clever about what we’re doing and actually try to help our Club rather than give those who would bring us down easy ammunition to do so. Towards the end of last season we seemed to be starting up with the Billy Boys again, more usually at away games and presumably on the basis that it’s crept back into the repetoire at various times recently and we’ve got away with it
  7. One thing that's always stuck in my memory from that night was the performance of Kurt Hamrin. He played right wing for Fiorentina that night and took Caldow apart, and Caldow was some full back. He was small, tricky, played with the socks round the ankles, ie no shinpads at a time when full backs could get away with a few kicks, but he was just awesome that night. He was Swedish and had played in the 58 world cup final. I'd never seen anyone quite like him before then. A really brilliant footballer.
  8. If he genuinely loves the club so much why doesn't he sign the contract with a buy out clause included for a nominal fee so that we'll at least get something for him, even if it was just a million or so. Or would that reduce what he'd get from another club by way of a signing on fee and is that the real reason behind what he's doing. I'm sceptical of the whole thing. All the stuff about him not going to Birmingham last year when we could have got 3+ million for him. I suspect he was always going to run down his contract to ensure he gets the biggest amount he can by way of a signing on fee
  9. I have to say firstly that I’m delighted with where we are in the League at present and with the job Walter and his team have done so far. With the league title all but in the bag we have a lot to be grateful for. That said I have some serious concerns about our playing staff for next year in terms of the Champions League if we have no new owner and no serious investment in the team. I’ve read on this site recently that we are well staffed in midfield and need wide players, a new central defender and striker. While I don’t disagree with that I feel the team needs strengthening throughout, inc
  10. I would assume Ellis and those involved with him has already done a lot of homework on the Club given that RFC Holdings seems to have been set up as a potential holding company some months ago. This must have been getting worked on for some time even before they'd get to the stage of setting up a company to use as a vehicle to buy out Murray. I think we have to take more positives out of what sense we're getting of what is going on rather than look for the negatives. We need a buyer, there now seems to be a genuine interest. We all want to know chapter and verse but I'm afraid we're just g
  11. I think we have to accept that a man with the career of Billy McNeill is entitled to have his views respected. This is after all a man who won 9 consecutive League Championships as a player with his beloved Celtic, 7 Scottish Cups, 6 Scottish League Cups, the European Cup, and as a manager with Celtic several more Titles and Cups. A quite remarkable set of achievements given that every dubious refereeing decision went against them. Indeed during this illustrious period in their history in every Old Firm match played they were never once awarded a penalty or had a Rangers player sent off agai
  12. It really is getting beyond a joke, the bile that’s coming out of Parkhead these days. The whole world’s against them, nobody gives them a break, if only they were treated properly as they should be then they would win every football match they play. Everyone knows they’re the greatest club in the world with the greatest players but the bias shown by referees, the media, the masons, etc, etc, etc conspires to work against them. Now we’ve got Billy McNeil spouting crap about 50 years of decisions in old firm matches going Rangers way. What an idiot this man is. Unfortunately one of the dai
  13. I always thought the main problem with Davie White was one of image. He had a somewhat squeaky voice and when placed in a TV studio alongside Jock Stein it could be a bit embarassing. Having said that he signed some good players and had us playing good football but was unlucky to be up against Stein when he was at his peak as a manager.
  14. Thanks for the responses. I stand by everything I said above. If you read what I actually said above I was comparing hime to previous players who played in his position and who he does not match up to. I was also suggesting perhaps he is using the club and that somehow a section of the fans feel he is beyond criticism. I was not denying his goalscoring achievements to date I do not see how anybody can state that he has any sort of physical presence, if a ball is played forward to him in the air with his back towards the goal and a defender behind him he rarely gets off the ground. He invariabl
  15. OK, I know I’m really going to stir things up today and generate a lot of flack, but what the hell, here goes anyway. The myth of Kris Boyd appears to make him beyond criticism. He’s currently milking the contract offer situation at a time when we fans want players to show they love the club as much as we do. A reputed 18 grand a week isn’t apparently enough to commit yourself to the club you love. How many of us would be happy to stay with Rangers for 18 grand a week, or would we all want to go down south to a Premiership team that’s going to be struggling to stay up or a team in the Champ
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