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  1. From the 20th minute, we've been imperious. As good as last season. Score line a fair reflection on how the half has gone.
  2. Thought that was one of the Union Bears poorer displays last night. Looked cheap. Clearly being minus a cappo has impacted them. When's the new one being announced?
  3. Lies, damn lies and statistics. About 4 of Aribo's losses of possession were trying to salvage howf's from defence or dreadful, wayward passes.
  4. You think our fans will be reciprocating in Danish in a fortnight?
  5. You a 12? I had you down as a 14, maybe 16.
  6. Honest to fucking god...............................
  7. Aye, only noticed it today on the way to work.
  8. See Castore have opened a shop in Buchanan Street.
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