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  1. It's very good. But, as mentioned, customer service is chronic.
  2. Despite loving my dog to bits, I couldn't bring myself to fiddle about with his anal glands. My wife got him to the vet yesterday and they sorted him out. Because of Covid, she couldn't be with him in the surgery. Vet's assessment post expressing was that he was "pretty full". Since being told that, I can't get Larry David out of my head.
  3. Watched Blood Simple last night. The Coen brothers first film and a great opener. Going to dig out a few more of their films. Will probably start with Millers Crossing and The Hudsucker Proxy.
  4. Didn't bother wasting my precious time reading his piece today when opened with saying Edouard was the best player in the league by some distance. He's not even the best player for them.
  5. don logan

    TV Money

    Also lucrative because we will sell out Ibrox this year for all three games due to the demand for Man Utd tickets.
  6. http://sport.stv.tv/football/166447-playing-half-a-season-shouldnt-stop-keane-picking-up-player-of-the-year/ Check this out. He almost presents a stronger case against it but I'll help cement this. Shite against us (the only decent team he's faced since his arrival). Culpable of missing easy chances in the Killie and St Mirren games - the one's which buried them. His "11 in 11" include two against 1st Division Dunfermline and a few penalties. He's a decent player by SPL standards but has lost his mojo in the Premiership. Please don't insult us and the game here by elevating this mercanary to m
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