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  1. He looked the part. Again.
  2. Boli fucked off to Spain for his hole and played in their game after that. Nathan went to his team mates for a game of Monopoly.
  3. Manchester United. That's who the manager wants.
  4. Would rather they weren't on the bench. But not having them there could be seen as cutting your nose off to spite your face. Imperative we get through.
  5. To be fair to them, I don't there was a chance of him ever being ruled in as he's utter pish.
  6. Have always thought it was a hobbit but obviously the setting was at odds with that.
  7. What film is that scene from? Can't place it.
  8. Was a benchwarmer back then. Plus other key players missing because of Covid.....................like Elhamed and Bitton. FFS......................................
  9. Hopefully Ross Wilson already has a few succession plan scenarios prepared.
  10. Last season's League Cup was ridiculous in that we battered them into the turf yet lost the game to a goal that should never have stood.
  11. Davis has been stellar. A criminal omission from your poll @RFCRobertson.
  12. A baby saying DavieCooper74 is impressive grandpa.
  13. Makes a change from their opposition trying to get a shirt at the end.
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