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  1. Please stop trying to position those booing this as political purists. It's the players choice how they protest against racial injustice and that should be respected.
  2. Repoted in Chinese fyi. PS I have lots of Chinese fiends.
  3. It's the Chinese spelling of his name. No biggie. Just swap it for the Scottish version.
  4. I was told by a boy that works for me, that it's the dad of his fiancees friend.
  5. What am I missing about his domestic stats? From Wikipedia he's got 49 goals in 162 games.
  6. Shades of Pena going unnoticed for years before Pedro sorted that with millions of our pounds..
  7. Scandalous how the entire scouting network of European football have missed the Japanese Ronaldo. Thankfully Ange was on hand to right this massive wrong.
  8. The e mail on 5th July said there had been nearly 5000 applications. Most of these will be for the minimum investment, so I'd guess the total invested will be around £3 million.
  9. Good tip. My driving was the steady part of my game. Straight and fairly long. It's went to shit over the last few games though but signs of it coming back today.
  10. Well, if arseholes could refrain from racist abuse, we wouldn't have to endure handwringing cunts on breakfast TV. Simple.
  11. Doesn't look like we're going to raise the £6 million.
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