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  1. That is up to C1872 to point out to their members the need for them to continue to support C1872. For the rest of us supporting RFC directly seems OK to me although I haven't read the detail as yet.
  2. Just noticed that MyGers members receive it first. I didn't renew so that explains it. I used to have a Rangers Credit Card which worked in a similar fashion. Every time I spent using the card meant that a small percentage went to RFC. I don't see how this new idea impacts on C1872. It benefits RFC no matter if a supporter is in C1872, or MyGers or like myself just a loyal fan.
  3. Cheers, I never got that (so far).
  4. I think C1872 are doing their best to self-destruct judging by some of the comments from a number of people.
  5. What is this and where are you seeing it mate?
  6. Played 6 games against the top two and lost 5 of them. Just not good enough in consideration of the "top" signings etc.
  7. They are not releasing the share price until after the registration period.
  8. Yes they are still valid. They were 70p per share for we mere mortals. You may remember that others paid an average of 50p per share and some others only paid 1p per share.. There was a later share issue where they were valued at 20p per share. Current share value was believed to be above 20p per share. This offer doesn't specify the share price.
  9. He got 5 goals and 15 assists.
  10. My daughter better not see that photo.
  11. I've known Stuart MacQuarrie for 50 years and they must have seriously pissed him off for him to relate all that in public. Just not like him to be so controversial.
  12. I have 3 STs and buy the merchandise up to a point but I wouldn't dream of paying £150 times 3 for what is effectively next to nothing. TBH I'd rather they put the ST price up. I'm resigned to probably never getting a ticket for an away game again as I don't believe that MyGers is a particularly good idea and the "welcome pack" is of no use to me whatsoever. I've still got the gimmick packs from last season's MyGers packs when I joined then using the voucher RFC gave for the season tickets. I'd have joined up again this year but I thought that £120 would be better spent on merchandise.
  13. Oh dear time to scrap it and save the money.
  14. I really fancied us to equalise in the 2nd half and go on to win the tie before Roofe got sent off. I thought Roofe coming on a that point was a mistake.
  15. As he is now Health Minister he should be making an announcement to tell everyone not to hold their breath waiting on his apology as they will die from lack of oxygen.
  16. It will be either their fans or he's pissed off someone over a non-football related matter.
  17. Carnage is Gaza or Beirut or Syria. George Square was just a mess. Nobody died, nobody nearly died. Some drunken half-wits drag our name through the gutter and you'd think there was a massacre. Most of them will probably never have been in Ibrox and I hope they never will. Then you get the cretins from the east end posting not just lies but totally absurd fiction. What kind of person sits at a computer and types out such stupid and obvious nonsense? They are obsessed to the point of insanity.
  18. That is just utter nonsense. Fake news or it would be all over the media. Where is that from?
  19. I ended up trying a different credit card and it worked OK. I will contact the credit card company to see if the problem was theirs.
  20. Police Scotland better investigate the Bear in Ted 2 as he clearly sings the same sectarian line "do, do, do". I'm shocked and offended.
  21. It is exactly the same as the Leicester City video.
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