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  1. Green is talking shite unfortunately. He doesn't understand TUPE. The man is delusional. Any money spent on Lawyers would be wanted. WATP BJK
  2. Sadly we can't choose our own punishment. If we could it wouldn't be a punishment would it. WATP
  3. Thanks for the memories boys. You will always be Bears in my mind. You were 10 times the player and 100 times the man that Laugherty ever was. WATP. BJK
  4. By chinned I mean gave then verbals, hardly gonna nut someone for eating a piece of cheap chicken.
  5. Saw two so called Bears walking into McDonalds earlier. Taps on so obviously fans. Waited outside and chinned them about the boycott. The fat one claimed he didn't know. Doubt he gave a shit. Just wanted to feed his fat face. The point of my story is to.remind us we boycott SPL sponsor scum. WATP
  6. Anyway. Offering an Olive branch to my fellow bears tonight, we need to stick together. WATP. No surrender, our anchor will hold.
  7. Bertent. I would love to know the intricacies of Tax Law, Corporate Governance, Administration etc but I have 2 kids so no time My point is that while Green needs some rhetoric to get Bears onside he has to strike a balance between being credible and promising the world. Personally I don't think he has achieved that thus setting alarm bells ringing.
  8. RFC#1, I pray its to take us to 10 in a Row. I have no idea though hence the questioning. Rfc52. Grow up.
  9. Bertent. My opinion is based gut instinct and things just not adding up. Some of Green's statement have bordered on insane given he doesn't actually yet own the club. Taking about signing Euro 2012 players days before a p in the £ CVA vote for example. Secondly there is the secrecy of his backers. Surely now the CVA decision is in they will reveal themselves. I would have thought that after the CW debacle even the most gullible bears would stop and sit up to Green's intentions.
  10. Rfc52. Given the fact you didn't have the foresight to even capitalise your username suggests you are indeed a Hobbit. Bet you still remember vividly cheering CW raising the Title flag. I for one called him early and stood somewhat muted.
  11. It's my shitty phone. Today I officially resign from the 'head in the sand loyal'. I want answers and have no confidence in the papers to ask the questions. I asked about Green being a shyster to generate debate. Its not a McCartney witch-hunt.
  12. He will be stripped of his Knighthood and jailed just like his father. Piece of shit he is.
  13. RFC52. Your a fake Bear. Don't care about the team just noising up Mhanks. And by informed I mean educated, and not gullible. Someone makes a statement and I stay prove it.
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