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  1. Shite, I was hoping for a scorcher too Dampened the weeked a little.
  2. Proper like the jacket. Not too keen on the t-shirt though.
  3. Sure have Robbie. Get with it pal.
  4. I'm still not too sure about it as of yet, think it'll grow on me eventually though.
  5. Seen the action on the pitch atm? Birmingham fans lobbing flares into the Villa fans, madness.
  6. Dez

    Favourite Game Type

    TDM, CTF or HQ are my favourites.
  7. Dez

    WATP - The RM Clan

    I use RFC or WATP usually.
  8. This keeper strip with NTL: as the sponsor, with Klos on the back, the only strip I've had with a name on the back.
  9. As has been said, he'll fit right in with those dirty bastards, brutal tackle though, dick.
  10. Ballistic Knife and Crossbow. Great. Looks good, looking forward to this coming out now.
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