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  1. hey!

    Of course!

    I'm sure you're on my bebo, I'll drop you a hello sometime :) xxx

  2. Oi, been a month nearly since you were on here. Whats up wi that? x

  3. Hello sis! Thought i'd make one of these, dont really kno how to work it yet :L what you upto? xx

  4. heh, good stuff!

    Not been up to much. Sulking after last Saturday and referring to any Celtic fans I know as tattie munchers. Good week thus far?


  5. hey!

    Coop started a birthday thread for you today, Happy 21st!


  6. Your awfy quiet part-timer haha!

    See Mr Lovenpants might be coming back...bet you manage to get to games now!! :P

  7. How are you?

    Is the bunting up in Larkhall yet? :)


  8. Not long till your 21 now, getting auld!! haha

  9. Me (home top) and my sister (away top) on morning of the UEFA Cup Final
  10. Be there in July ;o) x

  11. Pffft, South Lanarkshire Teuchtars!! Hamilton 4life ;o)

  12. quite a few larky folk on here now! you'll still no beat the Stonehouse Derry lol xxx

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