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  1. It should be fuck you scotland we”re gony win the league. Get it right up everybody from the bbc to the daily record and from Dundee United to Hugh Keevins
  2. Quiet but great contribution to the second goal.
  3. Somebody had a good idea on the Facebook article. We should all look into the journalists background. I’m sure we have Rangers supporters who are councillors, bankers etc that could provide some juicy information.
  4. It was mate. Aberdeen, hearts, Hamilton then ICT
  5. 5 year deal and 15k a week. Genuinely think he will be the best thing scotland as a country has produced in 20 years or so.
  6. Only started listening to this a few weeks ago and I'm glad I found it. Will be subscribing for £1.99 a month when that comes into play aswell.
  7. There is no way it was the linesmans advice that changed the refs mind. He had just spoke to the linesman, then walked over the edge of the box in total isolation then must have got something in his ear. Either the fourth official has said something (even though he was 40 yards away and the ref was 10) or video technology was used in a country that doesn't use video technology. We need an explanation into how the ref changed his mind from yellow to straight red.
  8. Patrick thistle - We done duck all because there was 20 mins left and 2-1 down. If he goes off after 35 mins 1-0 up we win that comfortably. Ross county - was at the game Mwi, after an all nighter but looked like a free kick at the time. I can accept that this may be wrong. motherwell - was at the game in the west stand and from where I was it looked as though moult kicked alves first then alves has reacted. I've not seen this back so if that is not the case then fair enough.
  9. Can someone a lot cleverer than me not put together a dossier to highlight how bad its been this season, using video evidence? Off the top of my head we have: Hibs 2-3 - Jack sent off while Stokes not given a second yellow for an offence much worse. Stokes could have been off after 5 mins in that game for retaliation against Tavernier. McGeoch also not shown a second yellow for persistent fouls, and his last foul was cynical stopping Rangers from breaking. Hearts 0-0 - Morelos goal chopped off as Windass? flagged offside. Not seen this back but it clearly looked a
  10. It's easy to say give them it back but we have seen this season that in a tackle for tackle basis we are getting booked for giving soft fouls away and they are not even getting booked for breaking noses. Jacks been off twice this season for not much what so ever ! Look at morelos' fouls compared to bowman yesterday and at the end of the game both finished with a yellow card, absolutely no comparison with how the game actually went.
  11. Thought it was a good idea to be honest. He's more effective than Windass and Windass was getting more space at the time so I think it was wise to swap them as Windass wasn't exploiting the space or the questionable full back. As it turned out candeias had a bit of a stinker. Morelos is the diamond in our team, we just need to keep creating chances for him, that's no been happening recently. I'd take out Pena and start Herrera up front with him on wed as losing Pena from midfield won't harm us in the slightest.
  12. Think everybody is desperate for us to go on a winning run of 6 or 7 games just so we can all get behind him and the team but it's becoming a struggle because it is constantly 2 steps forward and 1 step back. Nobody can deny he is well liked amongst the support but we are now at a point where it is not acceptable anymore. If he doesn't win the next 4 games I think he will be away.
  13. I wasn't really old enough to enjoy 9iar as I was 6 when we won the 9th title but my earliest memories of watching Rangers were always good memories. Watching laudrup and Gascoigne run riot in every old firm games was brilliant. The first one I remember losing was in the cup game when I think lambert and burley scored in 1998. It was good growing up knowing that celtic are far inferior to us and to this day I still really believe that because I grew up in they days.
  14. It's a matter of time before he gets himself done in with the way he acts. Looks like the time of cunt that needs a lesson before they change their behaviour.
  15. Had a read there and it is spot on. We only need to go back a week to my McCoist on BT thread to see that some Rangers fans are not willing to accept the fight and tackle the fact that "our" pundit is arguing against opposition red cards etc - being impartial, while their pundits go for the jugular every time we play.
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