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  1. If the dhims were full strength, I think I would be more confident than I am at the moment. At this point in time, the players they will have missing ain't that big a deal as only Christie was a certain starter (as Edouard will start). We have shown in the past year or so that we can totally dominate them when they class their team as 'strong' and that is where our player's mindset has to be. I would like to think that sure Stevie G will warm our players within an inch of their lives, not to listen to the media and that they are playing a strong side and demand they give everything on the
  2. He is 34 years old but he is as fit as a fiddle and would come with a wealth of experience. Surely he would give us two good years at least.
  3. James Milner would be ideal in this type of role. Now that he seems to be a bit part member of the Liverpool team, perhaps Gerrard could talk him round and get his contract ripped up. 😂😂
  4. sco22y


    When he played with us in the Championship and absolutely breezed it, and scoring just about every second game, I thought (hoped) he would do the same in the SPLF. After a few years he looks like that player I thought he would be.
  5. Glen Kamara, thank fuck he wasn't injured. What a game he had and what a European player he has been for us.
  6. I doubt Gerrard has played with a better keeper in his career, nevermind managed one as talented as Allan. Thetefore, he may feel influenced by Mcgregor's experience. He is lucky to have two very good options.
  7. In my opinion, Ryan Kent has been so integral to our recent European success. His high pressing, energetic and enthusiastic nature, coupled by his speed and natural ability is massive for us. If I could spend £7million for a duplicate I would do it in a heart beat. At the time, I thought it was a lot of money but now I understand why our gaffer was so persistent to make the move happen.
  8. Giving the chances that each team had, this could have been a very high scoring game. However, we had, our stalwart, Mcgregor, which probably disheartened our opposition. Kent was the stand out player by a country mile but also pleased for Kamara who also proved, once again, that he is so integral to our European game than we give him credit for.
  9. Fucked if I know, or ever will, why Itten is out wide. Baffling mate.
  10. Why is Itten playing wide? We have two really fast players in Kent and Barker, get them wide and put our new striker, up top. Bloody frustrating this shit.
  11. Greg Stewart was outstanding against the sheep in the 5 nil game. You just never know.
  12. I was just saying to my son that it's a pretty heated affair for a friendly and told him about the red card playing Man utd years ago. Then boom Kent gets sent off. My first thoughts were that some big wig had Lyon on their acca. When my rage had settled down it was quite refreshing watching us comfortably see it out with ten men against a decent team. Because we all know that whoever is reffing our first game against the sheep, and all our other games, will be looking for any old excuse to book and send our players off. It was great to see our team again!
  13. No one gave a chance against Bremen and look what happened there. No fear!
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