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  1. Seeing Gerrard state his claim and point his fingers towards, SP's management team (himself) was nothing short of tremendous. Sourness like! Fucking love our manager.
  2. Davie Weir was slower than Helander when he played with us. Positioning and reading of the game beats, having to use pace, to cover your lack of defensive mind-set or inexperience. Helander to start on Sunday.
  3. When Davis eventually calls it a day, I hope Kamara remains with us and takes over his role. Tough boots to fill but Glen certainly has the ability and has also shown he has the consistency to match.
  4. Got to laugh at Defoe trying to distract Beaton with an offer of a drink of some sorts 😂😂. What a wank of a ref.
  5. What a prick of a ref. Imagine denying the pen then a free kick at the end of the half.
  6. That'll be the beer 😂
  7. Who's spouting 'told you so'? On many occasions where Kent has had a mediocre game, it isn't a coincidence that the full back (whatever side he is playing that day) has done well. Too many fans just think he has a shit game because he hasn't scored, assisted or created chances. That is bollocks and old fashioned. The reason SG consistently plays him is because he can trust his phenomenal work rate. Defensively, first of all (allowing Wing backs to go forward) , and then his above average forward play. Unfortunately for Ryan, playing in Stevie G's front 3 often means covering in at fu
  8. To think many on here, are schimfing about a player who has been integral to our success this season, when we are 15 points clear, is simply shocking. His form, defensively as well as forward play, has been a huge factor in our league position.
  9. Balogun, Helander, Balugon, Barasic and Simpson (not tested) should be enough to see us through defensively. Jack as a back up rb.
  10. It's absolutely mental to think that some fans don't rate him. No doubt if Ryan swaned about waiting for people to pass to him to attack, rather than actually defend, he would have far more energy to be much more creative. But he chooses not to do this and works his socks off for the team. Kind of like what Mourinho tried to tell Joe Cole he had to do to make him a better player. The guy gets a very hard time of it on here and always shows his true worth in big important games where it is more open and his work rate shines above most others.
  11. I think the opposition fear him more than they do Roofe
  12. If this is his final game of the year, he will still receive the player of the year.
  13. He has been superb this season. He isn't always as threatening going forward as we like due to his defensive work but credit has to be given to him. Creative players in the past like Gazza, Laudrup and De Boer were never asked to put in as much work as Ryan has. We all know this was our downfall in Euro games.
  14. Papac wasn't a wing back (he was a cb) and done alright. So too can Balogun.
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