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  1. Behave what's your time frame regards generation...,mmh.
  2. Thank fuck that's over. Three points but awful performance.
  3. Want drive and leadership are not always aligned with the cost of a player.
  4. Said it in a recent thread but baffles me as to why a team managed by a guy who used to drag Liverpool out of these sort of situations does not realise we need some leadership and someone with drive. Need to inject some passion and leadership into our players.
  5. Thank fuck but we aren't making it easy for ourselves whatsoever.
  6. No wonder Alfredo was upset that was a brutal challenge, no card I take it.
  7. No couldn't make it as he's off watching the four to five other teams he's supporting. As for the game wish we would try to kill it off as soon as we have the lead. The way we knock it around and the general play after we take a lead is not reassuring for us watching.
  8. Love how Morelos was looking casual as fuck with that sublime flick on.
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