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  1. Now I'm a fag - you really are one dozzy woman! Thing that makes me laugh is you're prob a wee fat ugly thing and yet some of these fools still put cash your way. Make sure you have receipts, invoices and tax returns as I made some calls today giving them the relevant details. They said they'd send the details to the relevant office. Didn't wanna drop rm in it but you havenz't been banned and you've even got Admin buying into the unregulated trade so hell mend them! As for you I being an Artist... Tax dodging Con Artist more like!
  2. So you'll have receipts, invoices and tax returns then... Aside from that I'm a big cunt. Lonely, we'll I'm doing a night shift at work what's your excuse for being up at this time! Chivalry Jamie you really aint that smart eh - buy lots of stuff and still no get your... TRULY PATHETIC!
  3. The hosting site file has now been deleted at 1351 downloads. No point in giving things away and attracting Rangers fans just for immoral people to punt things to them! I would never have put it up at the Barras only on a Rangers fans site. That's all from me folks - for genuine stats nerds I'm glad you enjoyed the file.
  4. I emailed a couple of addy's inc OFT. Some will get back to me and I was given a couple of phone nunbers to try - will call some tomorrow and let them look into this. Only by banning this woman and Cottageindustry will I let go of this - pathetic that she's flirting too all to make a few bob. I look forward to them and rm taken to task here obviously they think nothing wrong here. Also copied the pages just in case of denial. You were well warned and had plenty of time to deal with this.
  5. Admin can you please remove this as a sticky soon. I'll put another thread up with the final update link as soon as the transfer window is closed. I've done a lot of work on the file but won't be continuing with it after that the final file! Thanks for putting it as a sticky - 2nd June file was downloaded 1327 times and that's thanks to RM, much appreciated!
  6. Must say disappointed in some of the responses here (smilies cause he got huckled etc). This fella obviously has strong feelings for Rangers yet seems isolated. Why on earth can't some Bears put an arm round his shoulder and show him he's PART OF THE UNION and the RANGERS FAMILY too? Show him the Rangers way! As for Chelsea - have always had a liking for them since Charlie Cooke But their fans are (generally) right wing little england asswipes and if all their wishes came true they'd then start gripping against Scottish, Welsh and others... I know it's generally Indians that support us and Pakistani's that support Celtic but for us the important thing is the they do support us, not their ethnicity! Very disappointed... :-(
  7. Well said - he could also have tried Broadfoot at RB because what we're getting from Whittaker has been crap! Even though Kirk is naff at CB you get the feeling that's where McCoist will play him! For a man to improve he needs to start ticking the right boxes - sadly Ally seems to be making a cunt out of the job! His time is running out tbh I have a feeling that Ally doesn't believe he can do it!
  8. Same to you but with big knife attached to the single picture! Such a small world yet soooooo many tossers!
  9. It's YOU'RE better... There's an old saying about if you can't say anything constructive you should shut the fuck up! Thankfully with the ignore button we don't need to rely on arseholes doing the right thing!
  10. Another 3 League games and if we're further behind the jakkies I'd say give him his P45! I wanna SEE some anger and venom - getting asshole players like Whittaker to say sorry (I'd like him getting a right fekking slap and when I think what Big Jock or even Walter would have done...) cuts absolutely no ground with me! Personally my mind is 'almost' made up!
  11. Completely NOT INTERESTED in anything this player says now! He basically said he was a PROFESSIONAL and worth 20K per week - so Steven how do we get that kind of cash while the likes of you behave like a Sunday Pub Player? Thought he was great the season before last but last season he was pretty average - personally I would have punted him! Broadfoot is crap at CB but I think ok at RB! Having a snide pop at Madjid was crap as I feel he had a point on the ref! Fekking snide BASTARDS!
  12. Good to read some positive ideas as some seem quite intent on burying their heads in the sand mate! Don't agree though as I feel Jim J along with another two Jimmies will be on speed dial just in case McCoist stays content on being Mr Popular. JJ is a miserable sod but you just know there would be some serious ass kicking at Ibrox... Clock is ticking on McCoist...
  13. No, not a crisis yet but more dropped pts in the League and more poor performances (with those players still getting a game...) and then there will be! The icebergs are straight ahead I hope he can turn it around but from what I see it's full steam ahead! This is where it gets really boring with the 'have faith' nonsense so I'm leaving the thread! Hopefully it turns out okay! Personally don't like relying on hope!
  14. God it must be an easy life speaking in generalisms. The thing that confuses me about some fellow Bears is WHY when most others hate us 'some of us' find it easier to have a pop at our own. Still, less complicated than actually saying something specific!
  15. I've said that myself - even drew the analogy of a new car owner first time out in the car! I do think that all we can do is support the team and hope he doesn't go under - big difference in the shallow end with Uncle Walter by his side! I was hoping he would have his own style (more positive) of management looks like WS is still in charge to be honest! As has been said another 3 or 4 games like we've seen and Mr Whyte will quite rightly find someone with more experience! I'm not nipping at your heels mate - we all want the best for Rangers, but I do feel you've fell for old Tarrier ploy! I'll be pleased as punch if Alister succeeds and very sad if he doesn't! We're all in the same boat mate. So sit down and 'take it eeeaasy baby'!
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