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  1. The hosting site file has now been deleted at 1351 downloads. No point in giving things away and attracting Rangers fans just for immoral people to punt things to them! I would never have put it up at the Barras only on a Rangers fans site. That's all from me folks - for genuine stats nerds I'm glad you enjoyed the file.
  2. Admin can you please remove this as a sticky soon. I'll put another thread up with the final update link as soon as the transfer window is closed. I've done a lot of work on the file but won't be continuing with it after that the final file! Thanks for putting it as a sticky - 2nd June file was downloaded 1327 times and that's thanks to RM, much appreciated!
  3. Got a Norton that's prob out of date by now but when I got this new laptop 6 months ago I bought the spasky one but tbh it isn't on my laptop as everytime I go through the motions of uploading it it tells me I have to delete this or that software! Have to unlikely to buy another one 50 sobs and it's just lying there!
  4. Why hasn't this thread been removed? It's clearly NOT TRUE! I want him to sign as much as the next man but jumping the gun like this just creates uncertainty among the fans...
  5. That's 1112 downloads so pretty chuffed it has been so popular. I'll shove up another update just after the transfer window closes for those that're finding it hard to input the (players) formulae for this coming season. May even do likewise for the January window. I'll make the final update as easy to update as possible. I've input another element (cells for every game venue) and although i've made a start putting in some venues Tynecastle, Easter Rd etc, it's just so easy to do that i'm not too bothered about putting them all down. Having said that i've started shoving some pictures up in
  6. Personally I'd give Rangers that 100 million to go solely towards increasing the capacity at Ibrox with the rights shared out among season ticket holders! I'd then say there's another 50 million if you start standing up for the fans with a very pro-active approach! Don't really place much value on money but I do on Rangers.
  7. Can only remember half dozen things before I was ten. I do though have a vivid memory of when I was about 6 months old and standing in a cot with no one in the room and thinking 'what the fuck am I doing here'...
  8. It could be argued there is no need for having one! In the distant past the Captain was the man that controlled tactics, collaborated with team mates to decide then made sure they stuck with them. All the manager would do was select the best players then it was over to them! Not a factor I put in my spreadsheet as I don't think who tosses the coin matters and as for the ref bringing the opposing captains together it just doesn't happen and even then maybe best left to ref as to who was responsible - didn't make any sense when Lennon was their captain...
  9. Street mate? I-ll do a detour next Balloch trip on bike! Have tried those hardware stores b4 and they usually try to flog something similar.
  10. He is not daft - no doubt they'd be saying he now had Celtic leanings - well done Ian!
  11. Just cleaned my windows there, and although it was a great job I did (as usual ) I recall how easier it was, and it was a better finish too using my Pops 'Shammies' and 'scrims'(?)... I've asked for these in various shops and the common answer is they don't make them these days, does anyone know any different?
  12. That Goram book was piss, just finishing Drinkell's book not too bad after McMinns book I'm laying off autobios for a while. Give Joseph Conrad a try mate.
  13. Always good to see the Orange Hall when I'm going past (other side of canal) in the bike. You do sometimes see a tricolour hanging from a window - sad they think it's all aimed at them they really have an inflated sense of their own importance!
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