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  1. Course he will, next contract will be biggest of his career if he has a good euros.
  2. See how much the CL means when someone in a top 5 league is double, trebling your wages.
  3. Apparently Zungu isn’t on bench and it’s a mistake according H&H
  4. I’ve not read the report so can you tell me if there is actual evidence that abuse took place at Rangers? If there is then I hope we take the initiative on this and offer an apology and compo.
  5. I’m convinced a section of fans wrote him off early doors and when he proved them wrong they can’t accept it. Few lads in our club barely celebrate his goals and anytime he steps outta line they go mental. Fuckin weird behaviour.
  6. Roofe couldn’t lace Morelos boots, Jack is constantly injured. Tav has barely kicked a ball in months, Davis, Kamara and Goldson have been good but goals win games. He makes us tick, works defences on his own. Baffled how anyone can’t see we’re worse off without him.
  7. The guy cost a million pounds, he’s our top goalscorer in Europe and we’re a million time’s better when he’s up top. Clowns who said we won’t miss him, we’ve Roofe and Itten have been shown up for what they are. Clueless. Morelos is our best player by a fuckin country mile.
  8. Apparently some tarrier is on one of their podcasts greeting that lawell “allowed” us to keep our titles 😂😂
  9. Had far too much power within Scottish football, chasing him is a big positive for us imo 👍🏻
  10. Not at that class mate, already made too many mistakes. 3 of our best for a long time, no shame not being at that level.
  11. If you compare Helander and Balogun to CH of old i.e Boogie, Weir, Cuellar they are no where near the level. Expect us to go sign a top CH in summer to play beside Goldson assuming he will sign a new deal.
  12. I’m pretty sure Gerrard mentioned it was to do with Paul Cook the Wigan gaffer, who he’s mates with recommended him. Not sure there was much scouting to do with it tbh although it’s vastly improved from what we had.
  13. We’ve been caught with the same type of goal against Motherwell twice ( home and away) and Standard twice. If I’m not wrong Balogun was in beside Goldson in all 4 games. Big man might be slow but he’s the best we’ve got at reading a game.
  14. Goldson and Tav both got attracted to the ball which was a shambles. One of them should of went to the ball, other one track the man.
  15. Gerrard needs to show some baws and drop him for a number of games. Miles off it for months bar a decent performance last weekend. Big Ceddy due a start, bring him in for Kent on Saturday.
  16. Do us world of good that, most bears myself included got carried away yesterday thinking it’s won. Can’t expect the squad not to be effected by it either. I do think it is but this is a wee reminder that we need to keep doing what we were doing. String the wins together and it will be here sooner rather than later.
  17. I’d keep Balogun in as they had a fair bit of pace especially down the wings.
  18. Tarriers had their blips the majority of time they went into Europe. Regrouped and went on a run of winning games domestically. We we’re always going to have a blip, from now to 2nd Jan will tell us all we need to know about this side IMO. Can’t believe bears downplaying the LC calling it shite. We’d of been celebrating it for days if we won it this season.
  19. No point having a glamour tie if we can’t travel or get to Ibrox. Easiest tie possible please.
  20. Look forward to Frank from Kilmarnock call tonight
  21. I’ve only seen him v us and he’s been absolutely shite. His record is good though but who drops out? Centre mid is least of their worries.
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