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  1. I've been watching Leipzig in the Bundesligia (free here in NZ) and even a friendly against them is going to be a tough match. Leipzig are on top of the League, clear of Bayern Munich.
  2. Hacked off as I have to work. Luckily, as I am at a desk. I can watch the game on a stream.
  3. I think I had the misfortune to teach No 6 about 8 years ago who tried to argue that "Oh ah up the Ra" on school bag was an expression of culture and not, as I put it, a sectarian statement showing support for a terrorist organisation. The Head of Department agreed with me.
  4. Wellington Loyal RSC will be at the Four Kings, Corner of Dixon St and Taranaki St, Wellingotn. 2145 arrival please gents. The All blacks game will just be finishing and we need to get in before the Mancunians and Londoners who support Mancunian teams to get the best seats.
  5. Who cares about the FA Cup Final, we are only here to see the Rangers.
  6. Hi folks, The Five Stags (used to be the Four Kings) on the corener of Taranaki Street and Dixon Street is doing a Joint FA Cup Final and Scottish Cup event from the 21st into the 22nd May. This will be a mixed event with supporters of both English teams Rangers and Hibs. See the Kiwi True Blues page on Facebook for more details as they develop. We will be doing recruitment for Wellington Loyal RSC at the event. Oso.
  7. Us vs Them, the match when the Hugh Dallas got coined at the Piggery and the soap dodger took a header from the upper deck. Officers Mess, Gornji Vakuf in Bosnia attached to an English Infantry Regiment.
  8. A cursory search on David B Murray at CWGC.org gave me this David Murray Rank: Private Service No: S/3655 Date of Death: 06/10/1915 Age: 21 Regiment/Service: Seaforth Highlanders 8th Bn. Grave Reference: I. C. 19. Cemetery: LAPUGNOY MILITARY CEMETERY Additional Information: Son of William and Elizabeth Murray, of 16, Nutal Place, Cowdenbeath, Fife.
  9. The stats say everything Ayr United vs Rangers Goals 0-2 Shots 5-14 On Target 4-8 Off Target 1-6 Saves 6-1 Blocks 1-0
  10. No, those titles, in that order, are reserved for the Regimental Sergeant Major.
  11. And all three you gave were wrong. Prr-show. Jedan Britanski voyna potporucnik i Bosnia-Herzegovina. Learned a bit of the language whilst there.
  12. How did you find David Hill? I remember on the tour, about four years ago, Moonlighter said that he you had nothing on him.
  13. Are you wanting someone to rise to that?
  14. Ask the vhermin. They have newco'd three times.
  15. Thank you all for your messages of condolences. I have returned to Glasgow in time for his funeral on Tuesday.
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