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  1. Don’t forget we fucked both the cups with sloppy goals in injury time
  2. Didn’t realise just how many points we dropped that season
  3. Man of the match for me tonight. Played really well especially second half. Broke up play and played his part in both goals
  4. Griezzman to luuk de jong 😂 seriously? They are becoming a joke
  5. He was already over 20 games into the season in Japan. No chance he lasts the full season
  6. Full team. We look like we’re starting to get up to speed so don’t want to make unnecessary changes. Smash this mob on Thursday and go into Sunday on a high and do they cunts too
  7. You’re actually comparing somebody whispering into a black persons ear that they are a monkey to someone singing about an eastern Asian eating dogs. Which is actually a cuisine in that region of the world? 😂
  8. Boys being mwi and inadvertently make an arse of it. Love it how so many gimps on here have lived such a perfect life that they get to have moral outrage and judge others.
  9. Boring me anaw with yer moaning 😂Sounds exactly what Sunday is going to be like 😋
  10. Mental that nobody down south had a punt on him when you see the fee was only £12m. Looked decent at the euros
  11. Weird one. He’s only 24 so still not at his peak yet being a centre half. Far better than simpson so can’t really get my head around it
  12. When will they be going back to normal opening hours? Cunts keep charging me adult prices for the wains ticket. Tried emailing but they just patch it
  13. Yes. Had taken the question as would he have made a difference
  14. Don’t really see what difference it makes. We lost cheap goals over both legs and it cost us a place in the champions league. I don’t think one individual changed that
  15. The tie was there to be won at half time last night. Alfredo was on the park. No
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