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  1. It’ll be close to the side that started on Saturday but I’d much rather see us utilise the squad. Keep everyone ticking over and getting minutes.
  2. SK Rfc


    This. I was looking at it and going surely we’re not going to play into their hands here and lump it into the box.
  3. I’ve had a mare here mate hahaha
  4. The wee homosexual with arsenal bud
  5. Was looking for the same mate and couldn’t get anyone so had to end up doing it myself. It’s not the hardest thing to do if you want to give it a shot yourself.
  6. I’m confident Barisic and helander will make it. Aribo is a miss but we have enough depth to take care of them. Roofe hasn’t even made an impact yet anyway.
  7. Their main threat for a while has been edouard. With him not being interested and potentially not even making the game I can’t see where they hurt us. As I said though, I feel I’m starting to get over confident and that doesn’t always end well.
  8. I’m struggling to see where they can hurt us to the extent im starting to get over confident which is never a good thing. They are fucking shite so it will be a disaster if we don’t come away from here with 3 points. Players need to get the job done and then we can watch them implode.
  9. True. But there’s obviously prods throughout the league as well. We can’t be looking for easy excuses, we only have ourselves to blame for winning fuckall in recent years. It must change this season and only we can make sure that happens
  10. Not really buying that. The tarriers don’t seem to have the same problem if you flip it.
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