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  1. Personaly i think it would b moved to another stadium. Would be like hosting a KKK rally in New Orleans
  2. i hav properly shit myself once.. Was watching a programme called scare tactics nd ther wiz this big hills hae eyes cunt on it. wiz about 4am nd there was no lights on and woz walking up the stairs with a cup a water nd just as a turned the corner i bumped into this 6ft 4 shadow throw the water and tryed to scream but wouldnt come out istead i made this moaning noise and tryed huggin the wall til my dad turned on the light nd sed r u taking cid' r sumthin:L:L:L:L:L:L SHAT MA SELF!!!!
  3. Wayne Rooney who else? or straight swap for messi?
  4. When is the next chart update on the radio is it sunday??
  5. I am not joking Ramans brothers own the londis shop up my area he somtimes works aswell:D
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