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  1. We say this after every good result and still get the same old shit served up the following weeks. Don't get your hopes up.
  2. Jalen Richard you beautiful human being.
  3. I'm really happy with our draft. Was a bit annoyed with the Connor Cook pick at first but it does make sense to be honest, a good quality backup can make a massive difference to a team plus when other teams are desperate for a QB I'm confident of a 2nd round pick or maybe even a first for him. Love the 7th round pick as well, he was tipped to go a lot higher originally but fell due to his speed (he's a guard).
  4. I can't wait for the Raiders defence to annihilate Paxton Lynch. Very happy with our pick in Karl Joseph, most think it's a bit of a reach but safety was a big problem for us and and he helps fix that from day 1, plus he is an absolute animal.
  5. Who are we all wanting in round one then? I'd love for Elliot to fall to us at 14 but I just don't see him getting beyond Miami.
  6. Can't believe I wanted the Patriots to win a game but I just hate the Broncos. Cardinals or Panthers will take care of them in the Super Bowl.
  7. Incredible stuff. Absolutely gutted for Aaron Rodgers.
  8. Love when the Raiders are one of the later games so I can watch redzone at 6.
  9. Very slow start for us today, offence can't get going at all. Carr's passing is far too inconsistent.
  10. I honestly can't bring myself to dislike Brady, I've tried but I cant.
  11. Drew Brees is having some game so far.
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