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  1. Houmza, mhichael stewart and crew will be all over this, clearly racist against Europeans
  2. Just watched Gordon Woods video from this morning on BNT 07 which is on you tube.He said it was a devolved issue but now Westminster are in coved because of the cross border issue between a Scottish club and a person from another club in England.Its worth a watch as this is only a small part of it.
  3. Can you put Scotland in that group, might have a chance ,depending on the last game if Malta draw with Gibraltar and Andorra beat Liechtenstein by 5 clear goals providing we beat SAN Marino that is.
  4. 2 tadgers scored for Cellic on Sunday
  5. Constantly being us getting bad press, no other teams/fans being headline news,itโ€™s not every day but itโ€™s always us and I never mentioned anything about them helping to beat us on the park.
  6. If every club in Scotland was under the same scrutiny there would be no complaints but show me another club who gets constantly attacked from the likes of Houmza, Dornan and wannabe SNP leader Stewart.
  7. If you want to give the haters ammunition this is the way to do it,we accuse that mhob of deflecting what goes on in there but some of our support are are doing the deflecting for them.
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