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  1. do u stock novo, i can see so far 2 foto`s of yersel way him so far ! LOL. Only 1 NOVO.

  2. Must admit i am very proud of myself! This thread seems to be quite popular..
  3. Your right Williamson it is pritty crappy im away back to bed
  4. Why the hell does he keep coming back then? Silly confused lad
  5. Huuuuuuuh? I'll just pretend i know what you're talking about ..
  6. No i'm still alive don't worry, and yeah i'm back. I suppose i should be proud of this.. but wtf have you lot been talking about?
  7. Bogle says you're an attention seeker.

  8. I love you guys Hahahaha

  9. Skittle vodka = red skittles added to vodka leave it for 2 days and volaaaa ! It tastes gorgeousss
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