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  1. If we want to have any chance of qualifying for Europe we need to hold onto barrie. There is absolutely no chance any money would be reinvested into the squad, look at our results when Barrie was struggling for form.
  2. When he's full of confidence hes unplayable. His ability to bear a man and his passing is out of this world
  3. Didn't put a foot wrong against Aberdeen and hearts, one mistake and he's not good enough
  4. I know it's a long shot but does anyone know anywhere in Berlin that will be showing the Hamilton game on Friday night ?
  5. If garner plays like he has the past two weeks he doesn't need to score
  6. everytime he beats his man and hits the byline he tries to cut on to his right foot, much more effective on the right. Same goes for waghorn
  7. csnt help but think the money would have been better spent on Jason Cummings
  8. Seems to be more interested in the performance than the result, that's Not good enough for rangers
  9. Lively** eyes too close together to look lovely
  10. Always seems to look lovely without having much of an impact on the game. Struggles to beat a man, and to be honest struggles to keep the ball in the park at times. Technically not good enough
  11. I was looking for the 1994/96 Rangers home shirt in a large as a gift for a friend. will pay up to £25 for one in reasonable condition, surely someone has it in a loft or drawer somehere
  12. Lol, best bit was when the steward spoke to him then he started putting up the fingers on the sly !x
  13. I seen that tickets were available for Saturday, I have tried to phone all day with no luck. Tried online via motherwells website, Also not working. Has anyone bought any today and if so how?
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