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  1. Did you see the tarriers one from last year? if our club released that I'd have been mortified. That wasn't that bad, had to stop watching at the players are ready bit, fucking cheek after the weekend, any xmas spirit that was building evaporated right fucking there.
  2. Suspect he was talking about during that particular drill, we have players who are good at taking the ball in tight areas, sometimes you need a trick to create space to move it on esp playing v packed defenses, wouldn't say showboating is something were guilty of, if moving the ball quicker is the result then that's to be welcomed.
  3. This. Could not have put that ball any tighter to the post / crossbar, sublime finish, not just a great hit as Gerrard's was.
  4. Seriously doubt he was offered the newcastle or spurs jobs, in fact its quite likely this is the first concrete offer he's had. and he's bitten the hand off. If we fail to win the league this season and hand celtic domination due to the financial repercussions that will be on him, his legacy. Fuck acting like a cuck that's just watched his wife being fucked and then thanked the cunt, I want to hear the club reassure the fans that they are in the process of replacing him and will do so rapidly.
  5. We need the senior players like Defoe, Greegs and Davies and our captain to pull things together, keep the team focused until the new gaffer beds in, glad he's still about.
  6. State of this fanny. That's what you get for putting trust in a scouser. Hope he relegates Villa and gets sacked.
  7. And what does that mean in reality mate, come on. You've got as much chance of taking the villa job as Gerrard.
  8. Just because the media use his name for click bait doesn't mean we have to read about it here constantly.
  9. Kasper Hjulmand looks favourite for the Villa job, Villa's sporting director, also being a Dane makes it even more likely. Are we going to have to endure this pish every time there's a vacant epl job?
  10. Fair enough mate, so both putting the kink into the kinks then?
  11. Think the only quote I've seen about it was Bowie saying there wasn't a Ray Davis song he didn't like, but the influence is clear.
  12. It is mate. Imo Bowie must have been hugely influenced by Ray Davis, it rips out his earlier songs. Brilliant song writer.
  13. Yep, Ray Davis wrote some brilliant songs but dedicated follower is guff when compared to say Waterloo sunset.
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