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  1. I get that but its hardly ideal in terms of standard, we could get a competitive game in the boys brigade sunday league but wont do any more to develop our players. than an indoor bounce games v other professional footballers
  2. It would also be very beneficial to us, the "beneficial for all of Scottish football", part should have been enough for clubs to back it but once again Scottish football giving too much power to nothing clubs sets us back
  3. Plain daft decision not to allow our B team in the scottish league set up, would have been beneficial for all of scottish football, hopefully this is only a stop gap until that decision gets reversed, just cant see the benefit, ideally. a cross border b teams league would be a much better option.
  4. A Rizla between them but Goldson for me, no complaints whoever gets it, all have been outstanding.
  5. The Scottish league has already knocked o/f b teams participation back mate, part of the agreement of playing in this league will most likely be we cant be promoted. Struggling to see any merit in this tbh, if the point is playing competitive football then the level of football needs to be competitive.
  6. Michael Francis O'Halloran on one wing, Billy King on other. I Love supporting such a diverse club where backgrounds are irrelevant

  7. Bluenoses are born, not manufactured. We do not choose, we are chosen. Those who understand, need no explanation. Those who don't understand, don't matter. WATP

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