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  1. Ah the old child rapist's comfy blanket; aye bit he's no scored against us, he's scored regularly against far better and at a higher level than they cunts.
  2. This, as a kid I had a whole team of two time treble winners as heroes. Hats off to the people who have kept their kids interested in us during the shite times, like you my boys had the options of fergie, mols, numan, gio for the back of their tops, canny imagine trying to sell the idea of kevin kyle or fran sandaza on a top. Naw da can I just have a barca tap instead.
  3. Better seeing these out and about than tarrier shite, What's a tenner ffs.
  4. Alfie doing no harm at all to his value with his performances at this level, superb yet again, loving his attitude since he has came back. Hats off to the poster who said Patterson would come on and score. Obv some posters didn't celebrate that joking, calm doon. What a season we're having, writing our own history here, fucking outstanding, so proud of this club.
  5. With Jack out you can bet your bottom dollar assuming we're ahead in the tie, Zungu will come on to shore things up and manage the game out.
  6. Its pragmatic but morally questionable, but since neither Balogun or Helander can play every game and Jack is struggling we need cover, needs must.
  7. Defoe wouldn't have needed to be told, when at Sunderland he took their two young strikers on extra coaching sessions off his own back, utterly selfless as they were keeping him out the team. When he does hang up his boots I'd imagine he wouldn't have to look far for a coaching role, such an intelligent player whose movement is superb and finishing skills top drawer added to which he's a total class act off the pitch as well, been a joy to see him play for Rangers and wish him all the best moving on.
  8. The absolute epitome of a Rangers man, class personified, love him. Delighted to read that he's been SG's mentor and delighted that SG had the sense and the lack of ego to seek him out.
  9. Young people are the only group left in society that its still acceptable to talk shite about without it being an ism
  10. He'll drink himself to death in the next few years, an embittered shell of a man. Shame really. Said no cunt ever.
  11. puerile Doubt I'd have even posted in this thread, or the other one, as said bumping it now is classless and puerile.
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