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  1. Doubt the 7% of the population too feckless or stupid to get vaccinated will trouble anyone.
  2. Got vaccinated months ago, like every other sensible person.
  3. @BillyG91no even waiting till kick off before spouting utter pish in match threads these days.
  4. They've had no credible opposition that the mass of scottish people would vote for, most wont vote tory despite them being the only party fit to govern at Westminster level. Voting for the snp doesn't necessary mean you're a separatist I'd imagine a fair few Bears would have simply cause there's been no other sensible option, but there's absolutely no denying now that the snp have targeted our club and our support for political expediency, would be a fucking bizarre decision for anyone who professes to love Rangers to continue to do so, the argument that football allegiances shouldn't affect political allegiances is blown out the water by the onslaught the snp have brought upon the club. I'd be ashamed if I had helped to elect that collection of cunts.
  5. What the fuck was that? thats just a loud fat shrieking harridan who is less funny than a bag of dead dogs, how the fuck does that get famous?
  6. I have no idea who she is. Who and what is she?
  7. That's a wonderful picture, put a smile on my face as big as the smile on his, delighted to see him out and about and enjoying life.
  8. SNP / separatist come in three flavours; Brigadoon Dreamers who dream of a fabled tartan utopia, fuck all wealth or prosperity or future but being draped in the saltire while watching the glorious shortbread fuhrer's daily speech telling them what to think will make it all worthwhile and besides... Freeeeedum. Hate fill morons who hate Great Britain so much they want to destroy it at all cost. Feckless idiots who have neither the sense to fully understand what they are voting for or have fuck to lose from the inevitable repercussions.
  9. Surely it would only need to be checked once and a quick show of photo ID to confirm its your smart card after that? If its this or reduced attendances due to infection rates its an easy decision.
  10. If it encourages the feckless and the moon howlers to get jabbed, good.
  11. Good luck to the boy, hope he gets a run at playing, never really got going here.
  12. Head says we need to be a lot more savvy, in their dark and sordid history they've provided plenty of ammunition that no faux offended cunt can say jack shit about without going near religion or race. We've long lost the pr war and we're a natural target for politicians who to pander to their hatred to secure votes to keep themselves in power, and because we're everything they despise. Heart says fuck them all, fenian bastards.
  13. Indeed, I'm taking the clubs agreement to abide by local arbitration as the club being pretty confidant about its position, a wee bit of fighting only the battles you know you can win, its also pretty clear its part of a wider agenda to cleanse the SFA and SPFL.
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