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  1. Of the players who are coming back, at least 2 of their better players want away and must be sold during the summer, they'll no be knocking themselves out in the tarrier cause.
  2. 0n lap top right hand side click and save video as...
  3. The sight of them passing it about at the back trying to see out the game and hold on to a draw at home v livi was fucking joyous.
  4. Protocols in place have worked by and large only when those protocols have been breached have we seen major problems, punish those who break protocols - no one else. football plays an important role in keeping people amused and probably helps alleviatie mental heath problems, if anything we should vaccinate all those in spfl team's bubbles, but there's fuck all grounds for stopping football its nonsense stit stirring to sell copy.
  5. Aye mate, here's hoping, looking at the way the club is run on the football side, the level of professionalism, recruitment and the quality of managerial team I honestly think SG is building a dynasty here at a time when the yahoos are in total disarray. In terms of the Journey I meant from the dark days of 2012 to being crowned champions again, that journey is nearly complete, from then on its doing what Rangers have always done - win things.
  6. 2012 seems so long ago, so much has happened both to the club and personally, back in the dark days I wondered If I'd live to see us back at the top again, despaired at the thought of young bears being lost to the club as interest waned, the death of Sandy Jardine that affected me deeply, the ashley and green days all seemed a nightmare that was never going away. Now as we near the end of the journey and every day is a joy to be a bear, I'm so proud of our club and of our support who never skipped a beat in unwavering support, will never forget that last o/f game at Ibrox in 2012 when we
  7. Sorry mate must have been someone else.
  8. We're so good defensively because we defend from the front, quite rare a team plays through us, but when it does you still get the occasional panic or poor decision making from Goldson, the gap isn't so large, its mostly about experience, people don't like Katic because he's a nice guy people like Katic cause he would heeder his own granny, his aggression and desire are superb, just needs to work on other aspects to become a top player, given his attitude don't think that's beyond him.
  9. Decision making, positioning and concentration, all things that come with experience and can be coached, he has the raw talent and the attitude.
  10. Hurting In A Good Way... Said every gimp ever.
  11. We need 4 cb's to cover the 2 positions, happy with the 4 we have. swapping Balogan for Edmundson is an upgrade, Katic is still learning his trade.
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