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  1. Its more wanting to murder your cellmate cause he wants to watch the only way is Essex that's the problem.
  2. Get yourself into the Erskine thread and become a fund member, although after 8 years on the site I dont know why you wouldn't be already. you get your tic and the veterans benefit, everyone's a winner.
  3. Cunts are a separate species, utter mongos.
  4. Got the grandson for the weekend , hes a wee joy, just turned 2 and follows me everywhere shouting grandda, grandda, the two of us were singing all the way home, happiest kid ever.
  5. Fully expect a win, no matter if they have no interest in doing anything but preventing that, we have far more in our locker than last season and finding a way to win will be that much easier.
  6. Cracking stuff from Scott, talks easy but good to hear the emphasis on keeping a level head and keeping going in terms of consistency of form, as Scott says we have a strength in depth now we lacked before we're dependent on no one player, Tav apart, one game at a time is all we have to win.
  7. We defend as a whole team, rarely does a team play through us, think whats changed is that the players get it and understand their roles and carry them out, credit lies with Gerrard/Beale as much as the players but concentration levels have improved, our side is also tremendously fit as well.
  8. Cunts are lucky Katic wasn't playing.
  9. Agree about the first but the second, cunts name shouldn't even be mentioned on here.
  10. Andy walker playing the 20 minute spell once Ac had it won comfy blanket. You like to see it.
  11. Fully expect the sheep to lie down and keep treacle teeth in a job on Sunday. Mixed blessing.
  12. Gazza's second v the sheep. And his first wasn't bad either.
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