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  1. No more outlandish than the thought of Steven Gerrard becoming our manager once was tbh. Hopefully a long way off , he's just beginning his journey into coaching but there's no doubt he'll be ambitious.
  2. Very telling that he says in his interview that the current dressing room is the best he's ever been in in terms of characters and people, that's imperative to our success and uncle JD is integral to that.
  3. Think he'll still get minutes and probably still score goals , in honesty its been more about keeping him ticking over rather than being of massive consequence to the team but its his contribution off the field and on the training pitch that most excites me most moving forward. When he was at sunderland, off his own back he was taking the two young strikers who were keeping him out the team for extra training sessions, that's the measure of the man. Fantastic role model off the pitch and so much to give as a coach.
  4. I said his position in relation to tav being missing, didnt say they targeted Patterson, it was Balogun who started, bringing Patterson on defo, improved things, tav was undoubtedly a miss v slavia as well.
  5. And he made it look easy, its a worldy. the techniques unreal, best finisher in the league, this is the perfect scenario for us and him, few better for our strikers to learn from.
  6. Nonsense. His position was targeted successfully. both by the tarriers and in Europe for a reason.
  7. Up to Patterson to get anywhere near Tav's level. and he aint even close as yet, hopefully he can develope and become better but getting carried away doesnt change facts, he's a kid still learning his trade. while Tav is one of our best players, is involved in most of what we do up front and was a massive miss when out injured
  8. Amazes me that some people think a boy who isn't even finished physically developing yet and has a whole 16 first team appearances under his belt can come in and replace our clubs captain, one of our best players and play 60 games a season and have any where near the impact and bring what Tav brings to our play. Borderline disrespectful to Tav tbh.
  9. Patterson has the potential to become a better player than Tav but right now dropping Tav for him would be a downgrade, that's just reality. Some people just get carried away.
  10. That's lovely Rab. hopefully this is the start of better days for you bud.
  11. Some of the moments Alfie has given us , fuck me, its been a wild ride at times, he's like no other player we've had in the 40 years I've supported this team, the goals in Europe, the utter mentalness, booting lego in the baws ffs, he's some fucking boy.
  12. need some real quality in there for the qualifiers imo, dont know if we're in the position to speculate to accumulate but we should if we can.
  13. fucking hope so mate, but its all about size of any potential bids that may come in and then dilemma of keeping him for the qualifiers or getting business done early and getting players in and up to speed. Alfie's head was turned last summer with speculation and a potential move, think the club would have sat down with him and told him that when our valuation is met he can go and sadly I think that's what will happen. The other side of it is that Investing some of his fee on some real talent in the middle of the park would be no bad thing.
  14. Ano bud was just giving my thoughts on all our strikers, wired tbh, Agree, if Alfie stays Cedric should mibbe be loaned but it depends where, he needs to be playing and at a fairly decent level to make it worthwhile. I think Alfie will be off, any reluctance perspective buyers may have had about his discipline for me should be gone, he's matured on the pitch a lot this season, we've seen it v the tarriers, instead of letting them get under his skin and biting he's been getting under there's and scoring, played in a deeper role at the start of the season and played for the team, he's beco
  15. Much as it pains me mate I think the minute our valuation of Alfie is met he'll be gone and I think that will be this summer, dont think this boy was signed to sit on the bench, but I honestly think he can ease the pain of losing Alfie, Hoping JD will still get minutes, forget age he's still the best finisher in the country, very intelligent and very capable in this league, Ideally combined with a striker coach role, would be a wise use of budget to have him help develop our strikers imo. Roofe's been superb despite his injury issues, hoping a full pre season will see him fly out the
  16. Really excited by this boy, really hoped we would get him. from what I've seen he looks very quick and knows the way to goal, 16 in 34 last season in a decent league aint shabby, given his attitude and personality I think he'll thrive in our dressing room, the prospect of him learning from JD and the gaffer is a tasty one, I think he's gonna turn out to be a very shrewd bit of business .
  17. The process of watching them go from absolute seethe to convincing themselves they've unearthed a gem to chucking sharks in the car park by the end of August is gonna be superb viewing.
  18. Something really amusing that its the record/mail that's being used to shaft them.
  19. Operation polish the turd now in full swing. Kennedy being announced as his assistant should just about finish them off.
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