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  1. Shouldnae laugh but fuck it too late... fucking lol
  2. This , it will be a tiny minority of fans and "troublemakers" who have brought shame on the club, the vast majority of real celtic fans back the manager, the media will fall in line.
  3. I've only seen him play ultra defensive horrible football in the league and eye bleedingly bad football with Scotland, with that defence he'd struggle to make them harder to beat and that's all hes got.
  4. Any new manager is a gamble, but i dont think any manager fixes their problems, are they daft enough to imagine that the players who have just had a polis escort out the side door for their own protection from hordes of mutants are suddenly gonna play out their skin for them? Do they imagine any decent managers fancying the same treatment at the end of the season? They'll get a short term fix in to try and cobble something together, the bounce from a new man is doubtful due entirely the scenes tonight, a new face doesn't heal that. All they've succeeded in doing tonight apart fr
  5. If their want away players wanted away before...
  6. Ha fucking ha, can this week get any better? Schadenfreude is delicious.
  7. Cant read that sentence and not post one of the greatest ever house tunes. Not in my current state. reminding myself to breathe levels of nutted.
  8. Dont know what he had to be sore about, must just be a fanny.
  9. Maw comments, how you know you're dealing with an absolute weapon, she's been deed longer than you've been alive btw. silly cunt.
  10. Shut the fuck up ya fucking cum sock, away back to trying to lick yer elbows ya fanny. Dont fucking quote me again.
  11. Clocked that, he clearly said something that annoyed Gerrard.
  12. With Jack and Zungu missing we had no natural replacements for the positions required to shore up the midfield , fucking about with the balance and shape of the team would be mental, I get that people are disappointed we couldn't hold on but lashing out at Gerrard is retarded, Benfica went to their bench and brought on the quality in the final third they had been lacking all night, we didn't have that in key areas, ultimately, had Balogun not slipped at the crucial moment he would have got a block on the shot, had the lineman not done fuck knows what it wouldn't have mattered
  13. Answer the questions instead of talking utter shite, of course I'm disappointed at not winning but I'm not fucking stupid enough to blame Gerrard for Balogun slipping or a linesman not giving the clearest hand ball you''l see. had Jack been fit then yea I would have brought him on, who else would have made a difference? upsetting the balance of the team to make subs for the sake of making them isn't that clever.
  14. What subs would have made a difference tonight? had Jack been fit then aye i could see the point but who would you have taken off? and who would you have replaced them with?
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