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  1. His Twitter page - http://mobile.twitter.com/RyanKane7
  2. Better as an assistant manager imo
  3. Would it be a bad idea to look at Souness as his replacement? He's obviously more experienced that Ally that goes without saying, and imo he wouldn't allow the likes of Davis to stay in the team after his below par performances of late. If not Souness, then who?
  4. Looking to get tickets for the Motherwell game
  5. That's what I thought, but why would the club put in on the Facebook page just for a pre match conference?
  6. im pretty sure they got investigated and found guilty of chanting Pro IRA songs
  7. thomas_91

    Goianegra Sig

    If anybody has time, could you make me a Goianegra sig? Would like the Romanian and American flag included, other than that,not really fussed about details etc
  8. Do you think Goian was a bit angry with Mo? That's why the full video isn't getting uploaded?
  9. Couldn't see anything posted about it, but aye Bedoya or Edu need to upload the full Goian video
  10. The guys playing pranks on team mates and coaching staff http://t.co/oYAGL4YS http://t.co/H5E4l0bZ http://t.co/UkG9bkYr http://t.co/paXajyqD http://t.co/AQGUJrUM http://t.co/ldbwRflK http://t.co/zZe7UgaK http://t.co/KqougVrU - only a few seconds of the Goian
  11. Didn't see the game today, but from what I've heard he had a brilliant game, doing basically what Davis should be doing for us
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