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  1. I was the same as yourself, didn't think it would be anything special before i watched it but it was a brilliant watch. McConaughey is a great actor.
  2. Yeah Brooklyn Nine-Nine is quality. Iv finished the 2nd season of it not long ago. its got a good cast aswell, Stephanie Beatriz is nicer imo!
  3. Not sure if anyone is local or near me in Greenock, but EE call centre is taking on people aswell. Salary is just under £18k i think, but you get alot of benefits with them, discounts on stuff and shit!
  4. Not sure if its been mentioned in the thread already (too lazy to check back) but iv recently watched Suits. Its brilliant, really good watch, well recommended.
  5. My wife's leaving me because she says I'm addicted to internet gambling. How else do I explain 5 tabs of Party Poker every time she opens my laptop?
  6. Rumour has it that many Premier League footballers have attempted to hang themselves in the wake of Gary Speeds death, but have failed for various reasons. Wayne Rooney couldn't find a rope strong enough. Fernando Torres attempted to kick the chair away but kept missing. Peter Crouch couldn't find a high enough ceiling. Mario Balotelli couldn't manage to put the noose on the right way. Carlos Tevez refused to step off the bench. John Terry had to call a press conference and apologise for calling his rope a "brown cunt".
  7. Still with Spurs. Big Arry was wanting about £10m for him though
  8. Its free for the blackpool and chelsea game. From the rangers website
  9. Got it of facebook lads. Don't shoot the mes senger. Haha
  10. Real Radio confirmed it. I heard that the Rangers website is only updated every day at 12? Anyone know. Says on BBC that we where wanting it finished for today.
  11. Would you like him at Ibrox? I like him as a player. Seems to be a sort of McCulloch, but miles better. Not scared to stick a foot in, strong, good in the air, and isn't afraid to shoot. Also he may have played with Davis back in their villa days which should be a plus. Can't see them wanting too much for him? Although back to the old situation of wages!
  12. Can anyone explain in more detail? If Lloyds and Murray are supposedly giving the go ahead then how can anyone else step in? It's Murray's own shares he is selling!
  13. GK-McGregor RB-Whittiker CB-Bougherra CB-Weir LB-Papac RM-Davis CM-Edu CM-Ness LM-Lafferty ST-Naismith ST-Jelavic Maybe have naisy drop off a little and play a free role.
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