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  1. Being from Greenock myself, a few people in work are season ticket holders at Cappielow and say that he is a stand out for them every game he plays. I wouldn't mind giving him a chance when he returns but I suppose that's down to MW. Also the fact he is an international for Canada can surely only help his development also.
  2. Law has been a passenger for some time now. Since he's came back from injury though he has been playing well and keeping a place in the starting 11, if he continues to preform then I would offer him and extension. Shiels is a player I like, good when he comes off the bench and creative, think there is defiantly a place for him in the squad to give a bit of depth. Clark will run through a brick wall for you but I don't feel he has what it takes unfortunately. Templeton as we all know has been non existent and doesn't look as if he will play for us again. A player I liked before he came to us bu
  3. OP is spot on! I think Felix Magath would do a good job for us in this role. Experianced manager and tactician, had a tough time at Fulham but just look at his achievements in Germany. My ideal setup though would be Magath as Sporting Director and bring in a young head coach (maybe someone like Cathro who has been heavily linked with us) because i get the impression that a lot of British based managers may not be able to settle into this structure and are used to having full control of the affairs. But I would still give McCall a chance to see how it played out.
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/32341118 Thoughts?
  5. If Pelligrini doesn't win the league which looks to be the case then Klopp has to be their main target and i cant see him turning down an offer from City tbh.
  6. Im surprised alot of people wouldn't have Clark in their team. Yes i agree that he does miss his fair share of chances, but he is high on confidence at the moment and starting to get a good run of scoring. I would rather have him than a lazy Boyd with no confidence tbh.
  7. My thoughts aswell. It makes life confusing for other fans lol.
  8. I think its difficult to judge McCall on only a few games tbh. I like that he is trying out different formations and mixing it up a bit. I say what we have in place for the moment is good in terms of his contract. Regardless if we go up or stay in the championship i think he should be given a 1yr deal to see how it plays out. If he does well (which i think & hope he will) then by all means offer him a longer deal. Just don't think he should be judged too quickly.3
  9. Selik Hibs Aberdeen St Midden Man Utd St Pauli Feyenoord Zenit
  10. Ajax - Second strip i ever wore after my uncle brought it back for me from the Dam! Real Madrid - Just because of watching them while growing up and the players they had were unreal Chelsea - Been to the brigde a few times and is always brilliant Newcastle - Once again was a strip i was bought when i was younger Dortmund - Just for the football they have played in recent times, their fans and the fact they're stadium is always electric. Morton - My home town team!
  11. What an absolute farce! Haha. I can't actually believe those comments. What happened to giving gifted talanted players a bit of freedom to be creative. Kids don't get singled out in Real Madrid youth teams for nothing, its clear the boy has talent and should be given the chance to develop it. Then again it would maybe be a good thing if Scotland don't get him and drain all of his potential out of him. Tbh i didn't see them make a big deal like this when Ryan Gauld was getting selected.
  12. Never knew that mate. Would be a phenomanal record and would undoubtedly make him one (if not the) best pound for pound fighter in history.
  13. I just hope its not going to be another over-hyped fight. Should be a cracker though. I think Mayweather will win on a decision. Think both guys are likely to retire after this aswell!
  14. Spot on! I'm a bit picky haha. Cheers
  15. Would you mind taking out the pic of the headphones and making the logo and text just a little smaller?
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