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  1. Ridiculous! Had to double check that this wasn't one of those threads which gets randomly bumped after several years!
  2. Thinking short term, I voted for Alves. That said, looking at the bigger picture I reserve the right to change it to Cardoso in a couple of years time.
  3. We didn't! 7 of last night's starting 11 were here last season.
  4. I wouldn't read too much into that as Morelos also wore no. 10!
  5. Of course he's a legend - for what he did on the pitch. I don't give a fuck about the other shite. Everybody has a right to negotiate the best deal they can get for themselves. I'd probably feel more anger towards the people who gave him the deals, if I could be bothered to think about it!
  6. Well then 50ShadesofBlue has made me look daft!
  7. Eh? Did you actually read the bit about Toral? Living up to your username there!
  8. Every chance we'll be out of europe before the kids break up for summer holidays.
  9. Of course there is. First, his wages. If a club picks him up for a nominal fee he'll be able to command a bigger salary than if they fork out a larger sum. Secondly, the risk that at any moment a career ending injury could put him out of the game before he makes the move which could secure him, financially, for life. I hope we manage to keep hold of the boy but fully understand if he choses to move on. Tv money has ruined football as a sport, that's just how it is, I'm afraid.
  10. So, me not caring about camera angles during post goal celebrations somehow facilitates corruption within the game? That's what it sounds like you're suggesting.
  11. How is that even slightly related?
  12. People actually give a fuck where the cameras were pointing after we scored? I was way too wrapped up in the moment to even notice - I must have looked a right cunt jumping around like an idiot. I'm glad nobody was filming me!
  13. I'm just glad it's not Kevin Clancy.
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