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  1. Any one out of the four would be a worthy winner, in my opinion. That said, I'd be inclined to give it to McGregor, personally. Especially at his age, for him to be able to stand around scratching his bollox for 89 minutes and then when called upon pull of a worldie tips the balance for me.
  2. Oh dear. You should give them a call, get that sorted!
  3. Most pleasing thing of all is that I still feel we could kick on and shift up another couple of gears.
  4. Ordered a pair of shorts on Thursday evening. The right colour and size showed up on Saturday morning. Seems decent quality. Haven't washed them yet, though!
  5. He could absolutely make use of your extra long tie, though!
  6. Watch the cunts invoice us for damage sustained by a post...
  7. Sounds right to me - Helander being a far better player than Edmundson.
  8. Ridiculous! Had to double check that this wasn't one of those threads which gets randomly bumped after several years!
  9. Carly Simon ya bass ?

  10. Thinking short term, I voted for Alves. That said, looking at the bigger picture I reserve the right to change it to Cardoso in a couple of years time.
  11. We didn't! 7 of last night's starting 11 were here last season.
  12. I wouldn't read too much into that as Morelos also wore no. 10!
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