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  1. Goram. Easily. I'd honestly say that on his day he was the best keeper I've ever seen. eg, CL game away vs Leeds Utd he was just unbelievable.
  2. Neil Danns, you are a muppet! Always remember the date 27.6.11 as the day you could have become a Ranger.
  3. I'd take him back in an instant. So he made a mistake in leaving us? So fucking what? If he swallowed his pride and came back I'd be prepared to forgive and forget, as I'm sure many more would when he started banging in the goals again.
  4. Would be a good addition to the squad, especially on a free.
  5. Maurice Edu = Stephen K Amos Dado Prso = Jay, as in Jay and Silent Bob McGregor = Stiffler (actions rather than appearance)
  6. The thread title says film characters, however the follow up message does say film/tv characters.
  7. Amoruso = Paulo from friends Kyle Bartley = Gok Wan on steroids Alex McLeish = Horatio from Csi
  8. I never knew this. And so, he goes up yet another notch..............
  9. Chris Eagles? Don't get me wrong, I think he'd be a great addition to the squad, especially on a free, however money is a massive incentive to some people. I guess only time will tell if its medals or coins that he'd prefer
  10. I'm just happy that in this window we're looking forward to seeing who comes in, rather than nervously waiting to see who goes, which has been the norm in recent times.
  11. This is a no brainer, really. Would he add to the squad? Yes. Even if he failed, would he have a sell on value next summer? Yes. So we'd either get a decent player for free, or turn a profit in 12 months. Whats the debate then?
  12. Heart says Ally, head says Laudrup
  13. Whats the betting Albertz breaks the perspex sheet around the pitchh?
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