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  1. 20/1 tonight skybet but previously against Ross County only 12/1 it all depends on what the win price is the shorter the win price the less you will get for correct score
  2. I got the 5-0 correct score against Ross County shite odds going for the same again only better odds 20/1
  3. i had to settle for 12/1 for 5-0 but not happy the bookies are miserable bastards
  4. i go to skybet to go for 5-0 ffs 11/1 miserable odds i was expecting 16 to 20s
  5. i'm delighted with the result but disappointed with the performance i think some of our players didn't turn up i'm not giving them credit for closing us down because we should have done better in possession
  6. It's a big test for our players mentality we are better than them the reward is a 19pt lead if we show the courage with no passengers we win simple
  7. I always like a wee bet on us to win to nil or to win both halves just checking the win odds are 8/13 not giving anything away typical bookies, i think i will hold fire until i see the line up
  8. Was just watching BeinSports Richard Keys asking Andy Grey was he happy with the Rangers result today with a wee chuckle and Andy replied ecstatic, brilliant
  9. Rangers 15/8 to win both halves skybet i think i will have a piece of that
  10. I owned an apartment out there and in the process of selling but have a lot of good memories but most of the bars are the other sort.
  11. Bar Med closed about 1 year ago m8 will try the other one Chemies, Thanks bud
  12. I will be there for 3 weeks don't want to miss the european games i know the area quite well over the years the 2 bars i would normally go to watch the games have now closed just wondering if any of our Bears could recommend any other bars in the area.
  13. good to see the support backing the manager
  14. harry3


    Surely 12/1 to win the league with paddypower is to big not to have a tickle?
  15. 25/1 Hyndman first goal scorer worth a tickle
  16. I have a place in Torrevieja and have been in the Bar Med a number of times, it has around 5 screens and will show a number of matches on a sat. some from foreign channels and the others from skysports or btsports its unlikely you will get the game on sat. against Livi. the bar is in cabo roig and sits in the street running parallel with the main drag., i would recommend it for food and more of a family bar and the staff are quite friendly, hope this helps enjoy your hols m8
  17. I am very tempted to have a punt at 10/1 to win the league cup whats your thoughts?
  18. -1 11/10 -2 14/5 with coral i think -2 is worth a score
  19. Tip for a horse tonight Goodbye Inheritance 7.20 Newmarket so after it wins i will harden Rangers to win to nil 6/4
  20. I backed the Gers last night 21/20 along with Seville 24hrs later Paddypower has cut them to 17/20 they must have heard something.lol
  21. Its a Rangers Supporters Convention from Australia and other areas meeting in Thailand my brother belongs to the Sydney Supporters Club he rang me earlier he said there was about 120 of them at the meeting.
  22. I apologise if i have went about this the wrong way.
  23. I know it's unlikely but would there be any chance of getting a ticket for the tyncastle game on the 22nd nov? im going over to see my grandchild and i will pay over the odds, i tried a few contacts here in belfast but it's difficult understandably. Ta Harry
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