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  1. Detest the constant jibes about San Marino. Obviously they're not very good, we get it. Postie throughout the week, and then occasionally get to play against the best players in the world. Not bad. I'd settle for that. Impressive result for Belgium, looking like they and Croatia will come out this group fairly easily.
  2. "How can Manchester United's revenues be £320m and Aston Villa, who are completely useless, get £250m?
  3. First glimpse of Weiss as well. Don't think I've ever been more excited about a new player after seeing his showing in the second half. Set up Miller's second, remember his goals well. Was that the game Lafferty was sent off in?
  4. Boyd's against Dundee Utd in the 7-1 game. Think he got three early on to equal the record, one a cracking free kick, and then one in the second to break it? Lafferty's as well actually.
  5. Will do. Just deleting the files from my PS3, accidentally deleted the system data. Meaning I would need to buy an online pack. Disaster
  6. Sure the system data was the one you had to keep. I'm just going to call it a day. Really appreciate the help, but I've followed the instructions exactly. No idea why it hasn't worked. I'll just edit the team names myself.
  7. Fucking hell... Copied everything, loaded up as normal- and everything's the same. Tried loading the data, and it says there's nothing there. Annoying.
  8. Explained that poorly. What I meant was, every single kit, stadium, badge etc, is all a separate file. I couldn't find a way to group all of it together- so now I have just under 900 files all separate in my saved data on the PS3. What do you mean about deleting the Championship emblem? EDIT- nevermind. There's an option on the console to group saved data by game. So that's that problem sorted.
  9. See when you copy the files onto the PS3, is there no way to group them together? The guide I'm following seems to do that, but with me I've got all 800+ files separate. If I ever wanted to delete anything, that would take ages searching for it.
  10. Cheers, I'll get on that today.
  11. That's what I'm wanting to do. Start as 'Rangers' in the Championship with default players (Castolo and the like) and build from there. I take it you would just edit a certain team in the edit mode to be 'Rangers', then just select them when you're choosing a team?
  12. Nah they didn't. They've released other stuff since that was posted though, so I'd imagine it's not too far away. I might just download that one to be honest. If you've not had a problem then it should be fine. How is it you replace the Championship with one of those made up leagues in Master League? So you would start in the Championship and then get promoted to the EPL?
  13. Still waiting on this WENB edit- the guy running it said not to bother downloading the one that's up the now as they were breaking out that fix. Out the Champions League group for the first time without going mental- even scored from two set pieces in the one game! Still can't win them from goal kicks and the like though. If you're behind the player challenging for the header, you can forget it. Hazard could be one of the best players in the game, he's brilliant to play as. Going to struggle to find time to play this now- Tekken Tag came today, got Rage from Lovefilm sitting here, and Bulletstorm is free on Plus. EDIT- Just won my first Champions League, just to get the PSN trophy really and to see the celebrations when you win. Made tough work of it- 0-0 at Olympiakos in the semis, only to go 1 down at Stamford Bridge just after half time. Lampard with an equaliser, before Ivanovic hammers home a header from a corner with 3 to go. Faced PSG in the final, where I totally dominated. Not sure exactly what happened, as I've only been in complete control in two games so far. Hazard hat trick, all three pretty special goals, and a Sturridge goal.
  14. Think that one looks brilliant.
  15. "It's John Wark!" the excited cry will go up. "Look aunty, uncle, grannie, it's box-to-box midfield dynamo, a player with a tremendous scoring record for a midfielder, John Wark!"
  16. I saw some folk moaning on Twitter yesterday that the Huddle was deliberately not being shown on Sky Sports, while the Blue Order are never off the screen. Sometimes, you've just got to laugh.
  17. Guess I just need to stick at it then. That other problem I posted absolutely does my head in as well. Online ranked matches are good though, especially as you can play people with similar controls to you. So it's a case of skill really.
  18. Yeah I'm doing that, but the computer just seems to track whoever it is you're controlling. Really want to enjoy it, but I'm finding it very difficult. Do you header as soon as the ball's about to reach the player or what?
  19. I mind them saying on MOTD that Jelavic would have to cut the diving out his game now he's in England.
  20. Haha, it was one goal as well. Porto won easily it would appear. Then Barca hitting the bar and Pedro missing let my other coupon down. Nothing for tomorrow, not a thing that appeals to me. In fact, nothing till Friday.
  21. Close to calling it a day after that. If it's the same in Master League when I try it, then I give up. Two thirty yard volleys into the top corner, one straight after I get an equaliser. One week on, I still don't know how to header the ball, still haven't kept a clean sheet... My favourite though, is when you play a pass just a little bit behind a player. Rather than a player further back running onto it, the player it was intended for will run 40 yards to get it. Seen a player stand a couple of yards from the ball, and I couldn't get him to go for it- the strike then ran an absolute mile, and obviously the computer nicked in to get it. The computer is perfect in every game. 90%+ pass completion is just fucking ridiculous.
  22. http://willievass.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/061012-Stirling-Albion-v-Rangers/G0000p74CXaUyOZY/I000004sXNTxtgCI/C000024pTTysH3T0 Just seen that there the now. Scandalous.
  23. Couldn't come much closer to a bet coming in than that Barcelona game. If Porto win the night, then 1 goal in the Dortmund game will have let my other coupon down as well. Unfortunate.
  24. Fucking hell, that's worse than I remember. Thought it was more of just two bodies crashing together. That's disgraceful. Stirling have been the worst so far- obviously not using it as an excuse, but some of the tackling was shocking.
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